The 7 islands of the Philippines that you must visit

The Philippines is an island country consisting of 7107 islands that occupy a total area of ​​300,000 km². Located 800 kilometers from the Asian continent, between Borneo and Taiwan, it is one of the countries with the most kilometers of coastline. Hence, it is one of the favorite destinations for sun and beach tourism lovers.

Further, its islands of volcanic origin offer high mountains and dense jungles to explore, ideal for adventure and natural tourism. Due to its diversity and tourist offer, we have prepared a small guide with the 7 most prominent islands in the Philippines.

1. Islands of the Philippines: Siargao

Siargao Beach

After the movie's release Siargao, The island began to attract more tourists. In addition, it is one of the favorite destinations of surfers. Its reefs full of marine life, its natural pools of Magpupungko, its mangroves and its white sand beaches make it, without a doubt, one of the star islands of tourism in the Philippines.

Similarly, we can also visit the large crystalline lagoon of Sugba Lagoon and the Tak Tak Falls waterfalls. Prepared and conditioned for tourism, It has shops, restaurants and accommodation for all types of pockets.

2. Boracay Island

Boracay Beach

Located in the center of the Philippine archipelago is the island of Boracay, known for its excellent beaches and resorts. In it you can find white sand beaches, such as the well-known White Beach.

In the same way, Water sports lovers will do well to head to Bulabog Beach. Finally, and a must-see, its viewpoint stands out to contemplate a perfect panorama of Mount Luho.

3. Siquijor Island

Waterfall in Siquijor

Other of the most visited islands for its wide variety of tourist offer is the island of Siquijor. It has waterfalls like the Cambugahay Falls, where we can bathe under its crystal clear waters. Also, for those looking for adventures, we will find caves, diving areas and dense jungles to visit.

Further, On this island is Paliton Beach, one of the most valued beaches of the Philippines. In it, according to the locals, there is a centenary tree with healing properties.

4. Luzon, one of the most important islands in the Philippines

Rice terraces in Luzon

Luzon Island is one of the most important islands in the Philippines, since In it is the capital of the country, Manila. Luzon is the seventeenth largest island in the world and was known in ancient times as Nueva Castilla. Although it has beaches, it is a very mountainous island.

In her they are the mount Pulag, of 2922 meters of altitude and the lake Taal, which has an island of volcanic origin. We can also visit the hanging cemetery that is located on the cliffs outside Manila.

In Luzon, in addition, we can visit the Hundred Islands National Park. It is formed by 123 islets of coral sediments, where we can dive with whale sharks.

5. Palawan Island

Puerto Princesa underground river - paweesit /

Noted for being one of the most virgin islands in the Philippines and has been considered one of the best islands in the world by the magazine Travel and Leisure. Highlights its mountains, jungles and the large amount of wildlife that we can observe during the visit.

Here you will find the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the 7 wonders of the natural world, and Nacpan Beach, also famous for its caves.

6. Malapascua

Malapascua - roman korzh /

For diving enthusiasts, Malapascua is one of the most desired islands in the Philippines. This is due to the variety of marine life and the possibility of swimming with the fox shark, one of the most unique sharks. Every morning, tour boats depart for Monad Shoal to be able to contemplate and enjoy these striking sharks.

But the island has many other attractions. If you prefer something quieter, It also has beautiful beaches and big cliffs from where to watch the sunset. And, if you're looking to release adrenaline, there are also areas perfect for extreme sports.

7. Bohol: one of the most paradisiacal islands in the Philippines

Chocolate Hills

Famous for having countless waterfalls, Bohol is one of the favorite Philippine islands for natural tourism lovers. Cruises are offered both along the coast and along its rivers, It has a rich biodiversity and offers diving areas of great beauty.

On this island are the Chocolate Hills, unique in the world. These rock formations create a very unique landscape that can be enjoyed both on foot and by renting a motorcycle to get lost in its narrow and steep roads, surrounded by the natural beauty of Bohol.

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