Meteora in Greece: the best place in the world to take photos

Maybe someone seems exaggerated to say that Meteora, in Greece, is the best place in the world to take pictures. Maybe. But if it’s not the best, this set of rocks, vegetation and temples is in the ranking of the most photogenic spaces. Keep reading and we'll tell you why. In addition, you will see images that will clarify it, since they are worth more than a thousand words.

An excursion to Meteora from Athens

There are many tourists who take a long excursion from Athens to see the unique landscapes of Meteora. The truth is that for many travelers there will surely be no other possibility to visit this area.

But, the truth is that this day trip becomes quite long. You have to keep in mind that these places are about 375 kilometers away from the Greek capital, about 4 hours by road. More so much for the return.

So, if there is opportunity, our advice is to look for an accommodation and spend the night there. In addition, if the intention is to make some of the best photos of Greece, you have to contemplate the sunset, and also the sunrise, in Meteora because they can be sublime.

The nature of Meteora in Greece

The charms of Meteora are the result of a perfect symbiosis between the work of nature and that of men. So we are going to go in parts and first we are going to present the kind of landscape that awaits you there.

This area of ​​the interior of Greece several million years ago looked very different from today. In fact, it was an inland sea. But when the waters disappeared, those great rocky landmarks began to emerge in the landscape.

Y these huge stone formations have been sculpted for millennia by meteorological agents, both for the rain and for the wind. The result could not have been styled with such beauty or the best of the sculptors.

The hand of man in Meteora

However, although it is true that no one could have created a landscape as special as that of Meteora, we must recognize that the icing on such beauty has been able to put the human being. We refer to the more than twenty monasteries that are scattered throughout the area.

We must imagine this whole landscape in capricious and fantasy ways when it was first seen by men who feared and worshiped nature at the same time. Definitely, they could only weigh that this whole set was the work of God and that, therefore, this was a good place to worship him.

Individually, as true hermits, the first ascetics were established here. That would be the germ of the monasteries of Meteora that are visited today.

Visit to the Meteora monasteries in Greece

There were up to 24 active monasteries in the valley, but today only a quarter is still inhabited by monks. And all of them are visitable. From the largest and most emblematic, the Moni Megalou Meteorou or Grand Monastery, to which less ancient remains are kept that of San Esteban. Between them are those of Varlaam, the Holy Trinity, St. Nicholas and Rossanou.

In them, once inside, sacred spaces originated in the eleventh century are discovered. For this reason they become magnificent artistic spaces to learn about late-Byzantine art and orthodox beliefs.

Hiking in the valley

It is possible to access the monasteries by vehicle. But if you have several days in the area and one stays in nearby towns, such as Kalambaka, the ideal is to do some hiking route to travel the roads that join the monasteries of Meteora.

If one travels here to take amazing photos, walking will be the way to get the best. In addition, you can access the different viewpoints that are nearby. I mean, that to travel to Meteora it is essential to wear a good camera and also hiking boots.

And if you like to enjoy nature, do not think that the attractions of the area end here. You can also do climbing and enter caves full of mystery and religiosity. While it is true that everything in Meteora is surrounded by a special atmosphere. Maybe that's the mystery of his extraordinary photogeny!

Video: A Guide to Photography in Meteora, Greece (February 2020).