7 new secrets to travel cheaply around the world

Traveling cheap is getting easier and it is largely due to technological advances. Until a couple of decades ago it was very difficult to access reliable information on ticket prices, lodging, etc. Now, almost anyone can do it with a simple device and an Internet connection.

Precisely, some of the new secrets for cheap travel have to do with efficient use of technology. There are many tools that help. What it is about then is knowing how to manage them in the best way.

Something you should be clear about is that you will need to invest time to find the best options. These do not usually appear so fast, but after a detailed search. You need to define what the real purpose of traveling cheap is: Do not disrupt your finances? Know more destinations in the same trip?

On a trip, dates are directly related to prices. The theme of high and low seasons has a decisive impact on the cost of tickets, accommodation, entertainment, food, etc. It is always best to investigate in detail the destination that interests you.

Remember that this varies from country to country, and even from region to region. There is no single high season in the world, far from it, even changes from one day to another. December, for example, is usually expensive almost everywhere, but some of the best ticket discounts are available on December 31.

The price of airline tickets, in particular, can have large variations from one day to another, or even from one hour to another. More than any other area, that of air tickets moves strictly by the law of supply and demand.

Normally, the best prices are obtained just a few hours after they schedule a flight or just before they catch it. Ideally, you have enough flexibility to wait and be alert to hunt a good option. If not, simply Buy the tickets three months before the flight.

You should know that there is no search engine for cheap flights that is perfect. Each of them works with the information they have available and is not always the same at all.

In this way, it is advisable to inquire simultaneously in several search engines. Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo and several others are a good option, as long as you don't marry any of them.

You should make the most of your common sense If you want to travel cheap. If your plan is to carry out many activities, it is best that you spend the minimum at the hotel. What are you going to do it for, if most of the time you will be out? In those cases, it is advisable to use Airbn or the option that allows you to save money the most.

Conversely, If your trip is quieter, you may deserve to spend a little more on this aspect. This would include, for example, accommodation with the option of choosing "all inclusive".

Every time you have to make a long journey, it is best to choose a means of transport with a night route. There are buses and trains that have great amenities, even if they cost a little more.

In the end, are you spending two for one: transportation and accommodation at one time. So it is worth considering, you will see that you can achieve significant savings.

The eagerness is one of those factors that count against you, if you want to travel cheap. It usually takes you to spend more, because quick options tend to be more expensive.

Whenever possible, plan your trips so that you can do them slowly, without haste. You will see that in this way there are greater options to save.

Forever it is better to choose an accommodation that includes breakfast. Currently, most accommodations have this service included. It is an important meal, not always easy to get and expensive many times.

As for lunch and dinner, it's worth finding out where the locals eat and go there. You can get three times cheaper than in a restaurant for tourists.