We climb the Baiyoke Tower II in Bangkok, Thailand

The Baiyoke Tower II is one of the most prominent skyscrapers in Bangkok. Uploading to it is one of the best experiences that you can live in the Thai city, so below we will discover everything you need to know to know it first hand. Are you with us on this trip to the heights? We promise you will not be disappointed.

The Baiyoke Tower II began to be built in 1990 and we had to wait until 1997 to see it finished. Two years later the hotel it houses was inaugurated. For this construction, no less than sixty thousand cubic meters of cement were used, so the building is made of reinforced concrete.

Baiyoke Tower II

Regarding its characteristics, The Baiyoke Tower II has a height of no less than 304 meters. But it is not the tallest skyscraper in the country, it is the second, after being surpassed in 2015 by the MahaNakhon, 314 meters high. This has the appearance of a square tower with a spiral of cuboidal surfaces surrounding the building.

Returning to the construction at hand, this consists of a total of eighty five floors and it houses 673 rooms, since most of the Baiyoke Tower II is destined for the great Hotel Baiyoke Sky.

In addition to with several viewpoints, the Baiyoke Tower II has the Roof top bar & music loungue, located on the 83rd floor, a place to regain strength after the tourist visit and where to enjoy a complimentary drink while observing the city.

The experience of the visit to the tower can be completed with a lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants found on the top floors.

View from the Baiyoke Tower II - Transformer18 / Flickr.com

Getting to the Baiyoke Tower is very simple. It is located on Ratchaprarop Road, in the Pratunam area, where the world trade center is also located.

There are various ways to access the skyscraper. But nevertheless, the most advisable is to use public transport, like some of the buses that leave from the Northern Bus Terminal.

Once in the tower, the plants that interest us are 75, 76 and 77, which is where the public viewpoint is located from which you can enjoy magnificent views of the city of Bangkok.

As well You can go up to the 84th floor, where you can get on the Sky Walk, a viewpoint with a platform that rotates 360 degrees in five minutes: the first high-rise that was built in the world.

To access them an elevator is used and you can get on it every day of the year from ten in the morning - nine thirty during the weekend. To do this you have to pay a ticket of approximately € 10 that includes a complimentary drink.

Possibilities after accessing the Baiyoke Tower II


After boarding the Baiyoke Tower II you can take advantage of other tourist places in Bangkok, like the Mae Klong market, located on the tracks of a train; or the Royal Palace, a large architectural complex that especially highlights the Wat Phra Kaew temple, where is the Emerald Buddha, carved in jade.

Another option is to climb to another viewpoint It houses the Thai city and also offers magnificent views of it. Some of the most popular are the Sirocco Sky Bar, in the Hotel Lebua; the one at the Sathorn Hotel Rooftop; The Millenium Hilton Bangkok Rooftop; or River View Guest House Rooftop.

Further, You can access what is the tallest building in Thailand: the MahaNakhon. Inside you can enjoy luxury shops and restaurants. But seeing it from the outside, with its pixelated appearance is already a spectacle, especially when it is illuminated at night with a careful play of lights.

Video: Exploration in Bangkok, Thailand. Terminal 21, Baiyoke Tower II (February 2020).