Tourism in the city of Loches: what places you should visit

The French city of Loches is dominated by an imposing castle, so it is a wonderful destination for time travel. Strolling through its streets is a privilege, because here important people have passed through the country like Joan of Arc.

This town is recognized as "the most beautiful corner of France", which leads to a flood of tourists. Who spends a few days there ends up enchanted by the beauty of its buildings more valuable and, above all, for its historical wealth.

His great jewel is the castle, with its wonderful tower of homage, which protects the city of Loches and which is the highest in Europe. This sure encourages you to prepare a visit, so know with us what you can see there.

The castle of the city of Loches

Tribute tower - Daniel Jolivet /

It is from medieval times, it was built between the ninth and thirteenth centuries. A castle designed and occupied by Enrique II and his son, Ricardo Corazón de León. Not only is the fortification spectacular, so is the garden that houses and has enormous dimensions.

However, as we indicated, The most prominent part is the tribute tower. It reaches 36 meters high and from it you can see the whole city. It was designed according to military architecture, as it was an element for defense. However, it has served as a prison until less than a century ago.

Another part that is sure to get your attention is the Puerta Real, which gives access to the castle citadel. It belongs to the last phases of construction, although it was really finished much later, in the fifteenth century. It has a terrace for the placement of the canyons.

In addition to Joan of Arc, the royal dwelling was occupied by other famous women. Among them, the favorite of Carlos VII, Agnés Sorel, and also Anne of Brittany, queen consort of France. This construction follows the military architecture, although the extension of the facilities follows the decoration of flamboyant Gothic style.

The castle gardens

Loches Castle

If the castle of the city of Loches is attractive, much of it is due to the medieval gardens. They were created relatively recently, at the end of the 20th century, following the original plans. This place is the best in the whole city to walk or simply rest for a while while admiring its beauty.

It is divided into a stately garden and a growing area where chestnut trees predominate, dye plants and medicinal plants. Flowers like roses or irises are not lacking to give color to this fabulous setting of France.

Other places in the city of Loches

In addition to the great castle and its gardens, in the city of Loches you can see many other monuments. Part of them, like the fortress, were created during the Middle Ages.

Collegiate Church of Saint-Ours - Daniel Jolivet /

The first one you have to visit is the collegiate church of Saint-Ours. It was built over three centuries, so it has part of its design in Gothic style and part in Romanesque style. The most interesting are the engravings on his door. Inside is the tomb of Agnes Sorel.

Another part of the city of Loches that you must visit is the Chancellery. There you will learn everything about the history of the city, as it hosts a permanent exhibition on it. It also hosts other temporary exhibitions.

The profile of the city of Loches is marked by the castle, but also highlights the great tower of San Antonio. It is a bell tower that rises to 52 meters. It is of Renaissance style and its construction was carried out in the middle of the 16th century.

And finally, do not miss the door des Cordeliers, from the 15th century and with two drawbridges. It is located on the Indre River, since it is in its valley where the city of Loches is based.

As you can see, in addition to the castle there are other places that you can visit, so organizing a trip to the city of Loches is not a bad option. Especially if you are going to know some nearby area, such as Nantes or Poitiers.

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