An elephant ride to Amber Fort, in Jaipur

At Amber Fort, a palace complex located in India, you can enjoy a fantastic elephant ride. This way you can visit this palace, one of the most important monuments in the state of Rayastán. This set of buildings began to be built on previous ones at the end of the 16th century, specifically, it was inaugurated in 1592.

If you travel to the Jaipur district you cannot miss Amber Fort. The visit of the fortress will leave you impressed, but it will be much more exciting if you get on the back of an elephant. So you can feel how the entrance to this palace was centuries ago, when this animal was a means of transport.

Meet Amber Fort

Amber Fort interior

Amber Fort was once a palace complex that was connected to the city of Amber through passageways. His goal was to serve as a military fortress for this town. Thus, it is located on a hill.

Inside you can see the fort of Jaigart, a wall with several defensive systems, all in the highest part of the hill. But the first thing that appears when crossing the doors of Amber Fort is the Jaleb Chowk courtyard, where you can already admire the beauty of this place. In it there is a temple dedicated to the goddess Kali.

After passing through another courtyard, you will arrive at one of the great attractions of the palace, the Ganesh Pol gate. This is the entrance to the private rooms. In it is the image of the elephant god, accompanied by various ornaments in the form of mosaics.

Inside you can visit the Royal Council room, the most luxurious of all, built with white marble. Near it, another room that you will surely love is the one covered with mirrors.

Also stands out in Amber Fort the Palace of Pleasure. In its day it was the prettiest part of the entire fortification, because waterfalls fell from the walls. Nowadays it has a great charm, since it has ivory and sandalwood doors.

Elephant arrival at Amber Fort

Amber fort

You can reach Amber Fort on foot, it won't take you more than 20 minutes to climb the hill. But you should know that if you do so you will miss the main attraction today of this fortification.

One reason to go to the palace is to go to him on an elephant. The journey to Amber Fort becomes a tourist attraction in itself when you do it on the back of one of these great animals. A) Yes, you can imagine how they arrived centuries ago at the palace complex.

There is a large herd of elephants that in the morning moves people back and forth to the palace. You should know that these animals do this work, but in the afternoon they have a large rest area where they can bathe as long as they want.

On the elephant you will have spectacular views of the city behind your back and Amber Fort in front of you. You can also enjoy an excellent view of Lake Maotha and the city wall, a beautiful place in India.

What to see in Jaipur

Palace of the Winds

A short distance from Amber Fort is Jaipur, which is known as the Pink City. This is a good place to include in your route through India. Among its charms you will see its palace, which is the residence of the rulers. For that reason you can only see some parts, but it is worth going if only to admire the outside.

You can enter some places, such as Mubarak Mahal, which usually shows temporary exhibitions on some aspect of the city or country. You can also see the courtroom and the weapons room.

You can't miss the Palace of the Winds. Its facade is spectacular, it is said that the architect was inspired by a peacock's tail for its design. In his day it was the residence of the harem, where the women remained without being seen. Today it has nothing inside, the only thing it offers are the views of other monuments in the area.

By last, It is recommended that you visit the bazaars of Jaipur. There you can walk between the stalls of spices, food, jewelry, perfumes or fabrics among other products.

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