Thinking of traveling to the Caribbean? We help you organize it

Who does not ever want a trip to paradise? Enjoy the sun, the bluish water of the beach, the palm trees or the sound of the sea. If you are thinking of organizing a trip on your own, We tell you that traveling to the Caribbean is not complicated. The reason? You just have to worry about the transfer and the hotel. What will you do there? It is quite clear ... Rest, enjoy and absorb the wonders of the Caribbean!

Previous tips when organizing trips

1. Save for a while

Varadero Beach, Cuba - Kamira

Traveling to the Caribbean can become too big an expense, because the hotels have all the services, and many of quality. In addition, as it is a long trip, tickets and transportation also come in price.

Thus, We advise you to save for a while and take advantage of the multiple offers that offers you internet if you hire it online or in advance. Without a doubt, your wallet will notice the difference of organizing a trip ahead of time.

Also, we remind you that In much of the Caribbean, the currency is dollars, so you will have to make the change. We recommend doing it before and in small bills.

2. Take all the necessary documentation

Saona Island, Dominican Republic - Natalia Pushchina

To travel to the Caribbean it is necessary to have your ID or passport in order. However, each island or country in the Caribbean has its requirements to enter, since not all are equal. For example, in some it will be necessary a tourist card, in others the visa, etc. We advise you to know well what you need to carry depending on your destination island.

Along with all this, too It is important to carry the driving license always in order. And the same with your credit cards. Check that they are activated and valid to make payments abroad. Check it with your bank to make sure.

Tips for traveling to the Caribbean

Now that we are clear about what we need before embarking on any trip, we tell you the best tips to follow:

1. Check the weather in the Caribbean

Caribbean beach - carpe89

Although it seems that in these areas of the planet it is always good weather, it is very important that you check the weather. The reason is that During the summer the Caribbean islands can be visited by hurricanes and, therefore, tourism is impossible. However, it is when prices are lower.

For this reason, Caribbean trips are usually organized from October, which is the high season. Hurricanes usually occur from July to October and the rains begin in May.

Therefore, when is the best time to travel? Although we find it weird, The advice is to travel to the Caribbean between November and January. It is when the temperatures are highest: between 25º and 30º C.

2. Research the hotels that best fit your needs

Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic - mandritoiu

Most of the hotel offers to travel to the Caribbean are "all inclusive" service, the main reason why trips tend to have a higher price. There are also other options, such as apartments and hostels.

To find the best all-inclusive hotel, We recommend you visit the hotels web pages and book directly from there. There are many hotels available on islands such as Punta Cana, Cancun, Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, etc.

The best of these hotels is the service they offer, the quality of the rooms, the catering service, and of course, the views. These hotels are usually located at the foot of the beach, so it will be enough to take a few steps to reach the sunbed or put your feet in the sea.

3. Plan well what you will do

Caribbean - Anna Jedynak

There are many places to visit and things to do in the Caribbean. The disadvantage is that each island has something unique to offer. Some have wonderful tourist places, and others with the most fun activities.

The main plan of the tourist is to bathe on the beach, but also to swim, paragliding, diving, kayaking, sailing, etc.. And then, something unique: play with the dolphins! In addition, many hotels offer spa services, treatments and beauty salons.

However, there are other mountain activities, such as walking through the jungle or exploring caves. In the case of places like Mexico, visiting the Mayan ruins, such as Tulum or Chichen Itza is mandatory. Finally, there will always be plans such as events, shopping and enjoying a cocktail during a party.

4. Think about transportation

Dominican Republic - carpe89

It is necessary that when you arrive on your island you can reach your hotel. Therefore, you have to find a means of transport from the airport.You can hire a driver to pick you up at the airport or do it at the moment. At the airport there are shared taxi, Uber or Minivan services.

As well You can hire a car to move around the place chosen for your getaway.Everything will depend on your plans and what you want to spend.

“The tourist does not know where he has been. The traveler does not know where he will go. ”

-Paul Theroux- 

These are the tips we recommend if you want to travel to the Caribbean. There is no doubt that it will be a fascinating experience. Because who doesn't want to bathe in its turquoise waters? Who doesn't want to get lost in the jungle or brush the sand with their hands? But you must be clear that for this you will need money and something that will never be missing, you want to travel! Go ahead, the Caribbean is waiting for you.

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