The best routes in South America to go by land

There are several routes in South America that are well worth traveling on land. Whether by car, by bus and even on foot, these routes promise true delight. What is special is the fabulous collection of landscapes that you can find along the way.

Further, traveling the routes of South America by land you integrate more into each culture local. This is very exciting, if you take into account that the continent has a great cultural diversity. You will find foreign travelers on those routes, but the bulk of those traveling are made up of locals.

There is another advantage that is not negligible. The costs of flights in South America are among the most expensive in the world. So traveling by land, the necessary budget falls significantly. That is an advantage that any traveler appreciates.

Without further ado, let's see what are those routes in South America that are worth traveling by land, without any particular order.

Pantanal landscape

This is one of the routes that seem especially made for lovers of flora and fauna.. Along its 145 kilometers it is possible to appreciate hundreds of species of animals and plants. From alligators and macaws to giant anteaters. From wild plants to exotic orchids.

Unesco declared this area as a Natural World Heritage Site. The journey begins in Campo Grande and Cuiabá and is a fabulous journey through a diversity of habitats.

Paraguayan Chaco

This is a journey that has something mysterious, very appropriate for fans of exotic beauties. The area is semi-arid, but it has a very particular charm. While advancing, lakes and swamps are discovered that are adorned with beautiful birds and a wide variety of wild animals.

On the way there are three national parks and 24 sites of historical interest. This route begins in the city of Asunción and reaches the border with Bolivia. Its length is 835 kilometers.

Titicaca lake

It is one of those routes in South America that is perfectly paved and offers an impressive variety during the tour. Along the way it is possible to appreciate wonderful views towards the sea, rural areas and overwhelming mountains.

As a great attraction, At the end Lake Titicaca appears, the tallest in the world and one of the most interesting. The journey begins in the beautiful capital of Peru, and then arrives in Arequipa. Then, the road leads to Puno and from there to Titicaca. An experience of colors and prints to remember.

Lacar lake view

In addition to the famous Route 40 of Argentina, the Route of the Seven Lakes It is another one of those routes that has gained fame for all the beauties that it allows to appreciate. It has only 107 kilometers and extends between the town of San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura.

The funny thing is that it is called "of the seven lakes", but in reality there are 10 lakes that can be seen during the journey. It is considered as one of the most beautiful sections of the entire Argentine Patagonia.

Salar de Uyuni - Art of Backpacking /

Many consider it the most peaceful of all the routes in South America. Strictly speaking, it is not a route as such. That white salt ocean is rather an absolutely flat area, as made of unpolluted snow, which delights driving fans.

Apart from the impressive beauty of the place, crossing it by car or bus is a unique experience. It is a soil that seems virgin and offers sensations that are nowhere else produced.

This is the only route that connects southern and northern Chile. Touring it is an adventure. With more than 1000 kilometers in length, it has become an emblematic route that It is characterized by its enigmatic southern landscapes and the multitude of surprises that you can find along the way.

It extends from Chiloé to Villa O'Higgins. The best time to visit it is spring or summer, because in autumn or winter the snow could spoil the route.

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