What are the cheapest months to travel?

To travel you do not need to be a millionaire, just a good planning and a series of tricksVery effective to reduce costs. From the plane ticket to the lodging, what are the cheapest months to travel?

Cheaper months

A study carried out by the travel giant Skyscanner revealed that 73% of Spaniards spend more than they owe when buying airline tickets. Evidently, flight prices vary according to the month, day and even time, but according to the latest surveys there is a month in which traveling is much cheaper.

Skyscanner analyzed the data of flights, destinations and reservations made by the Spaniards in the last 3 years and, from that, could determine that The month in which plane tickets are cheaper is May.

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Although May turns out to be the month in which buying airline tickets is cheaper, we all know that in the low seasons the prices of both tickets and lodging decrease considerably.

Unfortunately, not all people can afford to travel out of season. However, even so There are certain tricks that we can put into practice to save some money.

Tips to save on planning a trip

Travel in May

We have already read it; According to Skyscanner, May is the month in which plane tickets are cheaper. It is advisable to plan your trip in advance and compare prices with weeks or even months apart.

Low season

The low season of one country may not coincide with that of another, but in general terms July, August and the first two weeks of September are considered the highest months. Then, it goes back down until the first week of December, when the tourist season explodes again.

If you want to travel, First investigate what are the months considered as high season in the country that you would like to know. If you have the possibility to choose at what time of the year you can take your vacation, then do not hesitate for a single moment and opt for the low season. When you compare prices, you will be surprised at how much they can vary from week to week.

How far in advance should I buy the ticket?

Either because you can travel in low season or because you have to take your vacation at the highest time, according to Skyscanner, The ideal time to buy plane tickets is 7 weeks before the flight. In this way, you will secure the position for the best possible price.

Do you mind traveling at the end of the year?

As you can imagine, December is one of the most expensive months to travel. However, there is a trick when it comes to the plane ticket that not everyone knows, it is about traveling on December 31.

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Surprisingly,that day the cost can be considerably lower That if you travel the day before or the next day. So, if your desire to travel is many and you don't mind receiving the new year on a plane, this may be your best option.

January and May: cheaper weeks and months

Skyscanner says that the month of May is the cheapest of the whole year. But nevertheless, The cheapest week is the last of the month of January. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, all this depends on the destination you want to travel to, but they are rules that, in general, are very well fulfilled.

Choosing May can mean up to 15% less on the cost of your ticket. Perhaps for a single person this figure is not very impressive, but when traveling as a family the saving is very significant.

On the other hand, The month of August is the one that is crowned as the most expensive to travel. Both tickets and accommodation increase considerably, so if you're looking to save, try to avoid this month.

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Cheaper months for hosting

As for the lodging, Prices go hand in hand according to the season. As with airline tickets, August is the most expensive month, as well as July and December. Prices in this last month increase even more the nights of 24, 25 and 31.

We already know that The winning month to travel and save money on both tickets and accommodation is May. But if you can't take your vacation on that date, try opting for the low seasons. Find out, plan and implement those little tricks; They will make you enjoy an incredible journey for much less than most people usually spend.

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