Map of Asturias: a route through the Principality

Asturias is a true green paradise, since its landscapes made up of grasslands are a real delight. So are its beaches, towns and cities, which have a heritage of great value. Then, we draw a map of Asturias as a guide to not lose detail of this beautiful autonomous community. Can you come with us?

Oviedo - LucVi

In Asturias, three beautiful cities stand out: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. Oviedo is the capital and has a very important artistic and cultural heritage, since it houses the largest number of buildings representative of Asturian pre-Romanesque art. Also, several of its monuments were declared World Heritage by Unesco.

A good way to get to know that outstanding heritage is walking through the old town. In this way, we find authentic jewels, such as the cathedral, in which the Gothic style predominates.

In addition, the Holy Chamber is located in the architectural ensemble of the cathedral, a chapel built in the ninth century; or the monastery of San Pelayo, in whose back is the Academy of the Llingua Asturiana.

Gijón - Sergio Gutierrez Getino

But nevertheless, The most populous city in the Principality is Gijón, which can also boast a beach. Precisely, one of its greatest attractions is Cimadevilla, an old fishing district that still retains the essence and buildings of its sailor past.

It is also flanked by the Roman ruins and the medieval wall. Equally advisable is to walk along the beach of San Lorenzo.

That taste of the sea is also present in Aviles, where, as in Oviedo, its old town stands out. And it is one of the best preserved in Asturias, with important examples of civil architecture (such as the Valdecarzana Palace and the City Hall) and religious (for example, the Church of the Franciscan Fathers) of the Middle Ages. More modern, but just as recommended, is the Niemeyer Center.

Cangas de Onís - Marques

Asturias also has beautiful villages, such as Cangas de Onís, of great historical importance, since it was where Don Pelayo settled to begin the reconquest. Cangas de Onís also stands out for its natural environment (the Picos de Europa stands out), for monuments such as its characteristic Roman Bridge or for hosting the Holy Cave of Covadonga.

Some municipalities have the addition of belonging to the coast, such as Ribadesella. He is known mainly for the cave of Tito Bustillo, of great relevance for his cave paintings; and for being the goal of the International Descent of Sella. Nor can we forget its beaches: there are Vega and Santa Marina, whose cliffs are dinosaur tracks.

They have nothing to envy Cudillero, with an incredible landscape that becomes more visible from the lighthouse. Or Llanes, whose beaches could be said to be the coast of the Picos de Europa; or The three, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. In it, the fishing activity is tireless. In fact, there are many tourists who go to the auction of fish from the fish market.

«When you climb the mountain, keep your eyes on the path that leads to the summit, but don't forget to look at what you have at your feet»
-René Daumal-

Asturias, natural paradise

Picos de Europa - /

How could it be otherwise, On the map of Asturias, nature requires a separate section. The protagonists are the Picos de Europa, where are the lakes of Covadonga.

However, this is only one of the many protected areas that Asturias has, since the Principality houses no less than seventy, if we have protected landscapes, natural monuments and partial natural reserves.

A good way to know the green paradise of Asturias is by doing some hiking route. There are for all tastes: with different levels of difficulty and itineraries. Some travel through areas that lead up to some mountainous peak, while others run along the sea. Many routes can also be done by car or bicycle.

On the other hand, There are many companies that include sightings of flora and fauna in their activities. In Aller you can enjoy the bellowing of the deer, while in the National Park of the Picos de Europa you can see a great variety of animals, such as roe deer, golden eagles or water blackbirds.

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