We discover the secret corners of Malaga

When we visit Malaga, we think of its beaches or its Larios street, elegant and majestic, as well as an incredible leisure place. But nevertheless, There are secret corners of Malaga that not everyone knows. And if you don't have anyone in the city that can take you there, don't worry, we are going to tell you what they are.

The secret corners of Malaga: the Alcazaba

Alcazaba - Virgynia Duque

If you have gone down Larios Street and have walked through the narrow alleys around it, You may have seen a small mountain crowned by an old building. Well, this is the citadel of the city, which was used as a fortress and defense of Malaga in the times when the Arabs besieged the Andalusian territory.

The Alcazaba of Malaga was built in the 11th century and it had more than one hundred main towers, along with other smaller ones. But what stands out of it are the three concentric walls that surround it.

Few people know that in addition to seeing it outside, Its interior is available to visit. That is why we have included it in the list of secret corners of Malaga. From the enclosure you can have beautiful views of the city, the Roman theater, the sea and any other place around it.

Gibralfaro Castle and viewpoint

Malaga - KikoStock

This castle joins the Alcazaba as if they were one, which you will not be able to see if you do not enter the Alcazaba. It was a Muslim construction that was besieged by the Catholic Monarchs and in which Fernando el Católico lived after that, although his wife decided to stay in the city.

From its viewpoint, which is above the castle, is where you get the most incredible views of the city, the bullring and part of its coast. You may have seen that image in many postcards or in photos that are published on the Internet. Well, now they are within your reach because you already know where they are made from.

The Pimpi

El Pimpi Winery - Virgynia Duque

The Pimpi is the place best known by Malaga people and we want to share it with you. It is not a monument, or maybe yes, since this emblematic restaurant gives off the essence of the city and is becoming a kind of museum.

At the moment it is free to enter and you can see its decoration without paying, you know that Malaga people are very friendly for these things. Inside, its walls are packed with photos of celebrities who have visited the restaurant, many of them with some of their waiters.

At the end of the premises, you will see huge barrels of wine in which there are phrases and signatures of authors as famous as Brigitte Bardot. A very characteristic, and that attracts the attention of all visitors, is that of the most famous Malaga, Antonio Banderas, and that says:

Long live the wine, the malagueños, but very especially, the malagueñas

And precisely Antonio Banderas has recently co-owned this restaurant, which was always one of his favorites.

Your new boulevard

In the area near the port, Malaga enjoys an impressive boulevard That got up just a few years ago. You can stroll through it while enjoying its modern architecture.

It is a very nice place to have a good time, since In addition to walking you can sit on one of its terraces to taste typical gastronomic delights of the area, such as the famous pepper salad.

Your «Málaga Eye»

Noria Mirador Princess - MariCarmennd9 / Pixabai.com

Malaga is one of the cities in the world with the most spectacular views, For the sea and the mountains embrace it in all its parts. Therefore, Malaga wanted to have a "Malaga Eye", an imitation of the famous London ferris wheel.

It's really called Noria Mirador Princess. The ferris wheel has a height of 70 meters and 42 cabins with capacity for eight people. As you can imagine, the views from it are spectacular.

These are some of the secret corners of Malaga that you must discover. Some cases may be known, but they hide details and stories that many visitors overlook, so we wanted to mention them. And, as you see, Malaga is much more than a coast, it has charming corners that hope you will discover them.

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