What do you need to visit the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the seven wonders of the modern world, So your visit is practically mandatory for anyone who considers himself a traveling spirit. If you are one of them and have decided to venture out and explore this magnificent monument, you must take into account a number of aspects. Here we reveal what they are. Can you come with us?

Choose the best time to visit the Big Wall China

Great Wall - mariusz kluzniak / Flickr.com

The Great Wall of China offers a unique experience and has spectacular views throughout the year. However, to avoid agglomerations or inclement weather - rain is frequent in summer, the temperature drops below zero degrees in winter and there may be wind and dust storms in spring-, The best time to visit the monument is in autumn.

If you opt for this station, pay attention to your outfit, that is, you should wear clothes that protect you from the cold of the mountains, especially in the mornings and nights. Even so, you can enjoy the beauty that autumn brings: mountains colored red, gold, yellow and brown, which contrasts with the gray of the Great Wall of China.

On the other hand, and despite the wind, April and May are also good months to visit the monumentWell, the temperature is very nice if you wear a warm jacket. It is the moment in which nature is in all its splendor, since the plants of the mountains turn green and begin to bloom.

If you still choose autumn, Better avoid the first week of October, since it celebrates the national holiday.

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The transfer to the Great Wall of China is usually done from Beijing. From there you can take several means of transport, such as buses. There are organized or online. The first ones are the simplest option and the one with the least queues usually, but also the most expensive. Meanwhile, the second is cheaper and very comfortable if you visit the monument in low season.

In addition to the bus, you can take a train at Beijing North Station. There is practically at all hours, which does not mean that we make sure to ride it, because people get up very early in the morning to queue. Everything is to try, and if not, you can always pay a taxi. It is advisable to agree with the driver the price before the trip.

"It is better to see a place only once than to hear a thousand times from it."

-Chinese proverb-

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Before arriving at the Great Wall of China you should have decided on the section through which you will begin to travel it. You have several options: Badaling is the part closest to the capital, as well as the most popular, so it is the most practical and the busiest. Mutianyu is equally accessible and recommended.

The other two options are further from the capital and are Simatai and Jingshalin. The views from both are spectacular, since the wall is curling by the contour of the mountains. However, it is necessary to take into account that they are the most steep sections and, therefore, the most difficult to travel, as well as those that have more parts of the original construction, being barely restored.

Take the necessary material

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In addition to wearing the appropriate clothes according to the season in which you travel, you should put in the sunscreen suitcase and a hat or cap to cover you from the sun in summer.

You have to pay the same attention to footwear. And it is that knowing the majesty of the wall and its surroundings requires walking a lot, as well as climbing stairs or crossing guard towers. So,Better to opt for something comfortable, both in clothes and footwear.

On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of the visit to the Great Wall of China, nothing like getting up early. But before leaving Do not forget to take food and water to regain strength between walk and walk. Another option is to buy what you need in one of the places that are there, but they are quite scarce and not very cheap precisely.

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