Amazing cemeteries you should visit

You have a gloomy vision, even frightening. But sometimes cemeteries contain amazing stories or authentic works of art. They are not tourist places, but the truth is that there are those that deserve a visit. These that we are going to show you are incredible cemeteries that will surprise you.

1. Amazing cemeteries: Sapanta (Romania)

Sapanta Cemetery - /

We start with a smile, because in this town in Romania they take death with a lot of humor. Its graves and crosses are full of color. But the most curious are its epitaphs. Some praise the deceased, but others describe his life and "sins" with a rather black humor. For example, one says: “Under this heavy cross rests my poor mother-in-law. If I had lived three more days, I would be here and she would read it.

2. La Recoleta, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

La Recoleta Cemetery - SC Image /

Its tombs, mausoleums and pantheons, full of sculptures and covered in marble, will leave you speechless. Only one fact: almost a hundred of its pantheons have been declared a National Monument. It was built in 1822 and here recognized characters from Argentine public and artistic life are buried. However, the most visited tomb is that of Eva Perón, first lady of Argentina.

3. Jewish cemetery in Prague (Czech Republic)

Jewish Cemetery - Ivan Pshenichnyuk

Of this list of incredible cemeteries this, without a doubt, is the most overwhelming. It is estimated that there are buried more than 100,000 bodies in 12,000 graves. And they are stacked on top of each other, creating an image that is hard to forget. Everything has a reason: Hebrew law says that no graves can be moved or destroyed, so when the cemetery ran out of space it was decided to overlap them.

4. Cemetery of Luarca, Asturias (Spain)

Luarca Cemetery - Manuel Vidal /

If there is something that makes this Asturian cemetery special, it is its location. It is in a privileged place in front of the Cantabrian coast, a promontory from which you can enjoy incredible views. A place, without a doubt, spectacular for eternal rest. Or even to take a walk in the most absolute calm. By the way, the Nobel Prize Severo Ochoa is buried here.

5. Highgate Cemetery, London (United Kingdom)

Highgate Cemetery - philip evans /

Opened in the mid-19th century, Highgate's is an amazing Victorian cemetery. In it the graves are discovered among dense vegetation. A true haven of peace on the outskirts of London, abandoned for years and rediscovered and valued not long ago. Today it is considered as English Heritage. Here rest, among other illustrious characters, Karl Marx or George Elliot.

6. Vienna Central Cemetery (Austria)

Vienna Central Cemetery - Hui Xu

Another of the incredible cemeteries that are worth a visit. Why? Because it is the second largest in Europe; why buried music geniuses like Beethoven, Salieri, Strauss or Schubert are buried here; or because it hides a beautiful modernist church. And a curiosity: you'll see a monument in honor of Mozart, but it's really not buried here

7. Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles (United States)

Hollywood Forever - betto rodrigues /

A very unique graveyard of stars, with their obelisks and pantheons that look like Greek temples. Here rest Tyrone Power, Rodolfo Valentino or rocker Johny Ramone, among others. But if it's really curious, it's because It celebrates all kinds of events, from festivals to summer movies to Day of the Dead.

8. Forest Lawn Memorial, Los Angeles (United States)

Forest Lawn Memorial - waltarrrrr / Flickr.comn

Another star cemetery in Los Angeles. Fast, it could not be otherwise. Here you will see one of the largest iron gates in the world, beautiful gardens, replicas of famous statues or spectacular sculptural ensembles and, of course, many famous tombs. In him rest the rest, among others, of Elisabeth Taylor, of Clark Gable or Michel Jackson.

9. Okunoin Cemetery, Japan

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It is the largest cemetery in Japan. It has more than 200,000 graves and 100 temples, but it is amazing for many other reasons. It is for the thousands of lanterns that illuminate the mausoleum of Kōbō-Daishi, founder of Shingon Buddhism. It is also for the magical environment in which it is located, a dense forest; or by the statues of Buddhas dressed in bibs, which are really offerings.

10. Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris (France)

Montparnasse Cemetery - Jérôme Blum /

In Paris, It is almost a place of worship for literature lovers. Here are buried, among many other prominent characters of the lyrics, Samuel Beckett, Julio Cortázar, Marguerite Duras, Guy de Maupassant, Charles Baudelaire or Jean-Paul Sartre. By the way, the fact that there is a mill in the middle has its explanation: before the cemetery this was an agricultural area.

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