Throw yourself into adventure, organize a trip through Europe

Alone, as a couple or with friends, anyway, but start preparing a trip to Europe for next summer or on the dates you have available. It is an adventure that you should not miss. It may be your first great trip, but you will enjoy it immensely.

A European tour It will be an experience where you will meet new places, people from other places and, above all, you will know yourself more. There is only one danger. The risk is that you can inoculate the traveler's virus, and after this European itinerary you only dream of continuing to travel around the rest of the world.

Means of transport for your great trip through Europe

To make a relatively long trip through Europe, lasting at least one month, there are several means of transport that you can use. And also others that you should discard, such as the plane, which for its cost is only effective to make the trip of departure or arrival, depending on how you plan your route. That is, if you plan to start or finish in places like Moscow or Istanbul, it is okay to take a flight.

Train in Europe - Leonid Andronov

One option is to opt for a private vehicle, reasonable option traveling several friends To share expenses. It is a good idea if, in addition, you have to go through rural areas and sleep camping (for this much better camper vans or motorhomes).

In large cities the car can be a nightmare. But It is interesting if you have special interest in discovering areas such as the Romantic Road in Germany or the castles of the Loire in France.

However, perhaps the most viable option is public transport, both by bus and train. Especially by train, since there is the possibility of acquiring the Interrail, with which you can travel throughout Europe for the amount already paid. That is, the entire continent is at your disposal.

“In twenty years you will be more disappointed in the things you did not do than the things you did. So untie moorings and navigate away from known ports. Take advantage of trade winds in your sails. Explore It sounds. Discover."

-Mark Twain-

Where to sleep during the trip to Europe

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Already We have talked about camping, only viable if you travel in your own vehicle, given the amount of luggage needed. On the other hand, if the train has been chosen, the safest thing is to carry a backpack, where the sleeping bag should fit.

With the, you can stay in the network of hostels that are in all the countries of Europe. It is the most economical option. Although we recommend you to pre-book your stay, since especially in large cities such as Berlin or Paris, they can be filled on specific dates.

We recommend hostels and hostels for economic reasons and because there it is possible to make contact with other travelers who are having an experience similar to yours. And those contacts always make the trip much more interesting. But If you prefer more comforts and have no money problems, you can always find hotels where to sleep.

Where to go in Europe

Once the means of transport and the accommodation system have been decided you only have to decide where to go. Something that can be basic depending on the time of your trip.

Amsterdam - Alexander Demyanenko

If you are a student, you may throw yourself into this wonderful trip through Europe in the summer months. If so, the weather will be great throughout the continent, although in southern countries, such as Italy, Greece or Croatia, it can be too hot, besides being crowded with tourists.

But you may have the possibility of undertaking the European trip in winter, then discard the cold of Scandinavia and all of northern Europe, unless you wear the right clothes, ample budget and don't mind enjoying very few hours of light every day.

And as always in the midpoints is the best. Spring and autumn can be ideal dates for this trip. It may rain someday, but if you travel with interrail, it will be enough to check the weather on the internet.

Suppose you are in Prague and a week of rain is expected in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. Then check the weather in Athens or Amsterdam, and if they give good, do not hesitate, take the train, Change plans and improvise, that will be one of the greatest pleasures of your trip to Europe.

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