7 towns of Guadalajara you should visit

We are going to a province of Castilla-La Mancha maybe little known, but that hides beautiful corners. Let's discover some of the most beautiful towns in Guadalajara. We say some because there really are many that deserve a visit, although these that we are going to show you have something special.

What towns of Guadalajara you must know

Of medieval tint, the province is full of castles and ducal palaces. We also find religious architecture with beautiful monasteries and hermitages. And, of course, we cannot leave aside the sites and the caves. There's everything here! If you are looking for tranquility, history and nature, these are the towns of Guadalajara that are worth knowing:

1. Sigüenza

Sigüenza - aguilarphoto

It is from the towns of Guadalajara, the best known. A beautiful town with many attractions, starting with its spectacular castle, of Arab origin and today converted into a hostel. Remains of the walls are also preserved.

Its cathedral is another treasure of Sigüenza. It began to be built in the twelfth century and it highlights its rosette and the grave of Martín Vázquez de Arce, better known as the Doncel de Sigüenza. And you also have to talk about its beautiful Plaza Mayor, chaired by the town hall and in which the galleries stand out.

2. Cifuentes

Cifuentes - Pedro Oliva

Within the region of the Alcarria, it is constituted by a village and 10 population centers. Its name is due to the large number of springs of the river that surrounds the town. Cifuentes was founded at the end of the 11th century with the conquest of the taifa of Toledo by the Castilian Christian kings.

Within its historical and artistic heritage we can highlight the castle, built in the fourteenth century; as well as the church of Christ the Savior, the hermitage of the Remedy and the hospital.

3. Cogolludo

Cogolludo - Javier Rosano

Former manor of the Dukes of Medinacelli, this municipality was initially a Muslim fortress, which later passed to the Christians in the eleventh century.The main attractions are the church of Santa María, the remains of the castle and the Palace of the Dukes.

"A wise traveler never despises his own country."

-Carlo Goldoni -

4. Atienza

Atienza - LucVi

It is located in the region of the Serranía de Guadalajara and had its splendor during the Middle Ages, what can be seen in its beautiful urban area. Atienza stands on the side of a hill, has streets on a slope and the most prominent construction is the castle.

The town center is walled and revolves around two seats: from Spain and Wheat. In the first one is the Town Hall and in the second the church of San Juan and the House of the Cabildo.

5. Pastrana

Doge's Palace - AdriPozuelo / commons.wikimedia.org

Capital of the Alcarria region, Pastrana was very important in the 16th and 17th centuries, while the dukes used the Doge's Palace and before moving to Madrid.

Among its sites of interest are the collegiate church, the source of the Four Pipes, the convent of San José, the Plaza del Deán, the Casa de Moratín and the Remitios twig.

6. Hita

Hita - Josep Curto

In the region of La Alcarria, Hita is another of the towns of Guadalajara where history and nature come together for an unforgettable walk. Among its jewels it is worth noting the church of San Juan Bautista, built in Mudejar style between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

We must also visit the remains of the church of San Pedro (of medieval origin and destroyed during the Civil War), the Plaza del Arcipreste (used as a market in the Middle Ages) and the door of Santa María (main entrance of the wall, built in 1441).

7. Torija

Torija - Leklife

Because of its location at a crossroads to Aragon, Torija has always had a privileged position. The first reviews of the town date from the time of the Christian Reconquest.

After her a castle was built thanks to the Mendoza family and in him kings like Carlos V and Felipe II stayed. In addition to visiting it, you can enjoy the Parish Church of the Assumption and the Plaza Mayor, whose restaurants offer a good amount of typical Castilian food.

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