The most dangerous cities in the world

On the planet there are some cities where life is literally in danger. Something that should be highlighted is that it is in the area of ​​Latin America and the Caribbean where many of the most dangerous cities in the world are. Cities with the highest crime rates. Let's know what they are.

These are the most dangerous cities in the world

The Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice (CCSPJP) of Mexico places the vast majority of the most dangerous cities on the planet in Latin America. Heading the Caracas list, but with her in the top positions there are three other Venezuelan cities.

Caracas, Venezuela - testing

The second of this list is Acapulco, in Mexico, and the third San Pedro Sula, in Honduras. After them Cape Town, Kingston, Cali, Juarez or Guatemala City, among many others.

In general, Central America is the subregion where there is more danger. In fact, seven out of 10 murders occur there. There is no district in Latin America that is among the 50 most secure. The capital of Chile, Santiago, is the best valued. It is followed by Buenos Aires and Lima.

"The awareness of danger is already half of security and salvation."

-Ramón J. Sénder-

The most dangerous city in the world, Caracas

In the capital of Venezuela we can see together the problems that have made Latin America, unfortunately, the region that has the highest homicide rate in the world. Although it has always been a rather violent city, everything seems to have worsened in recent years.

In Caracas the homicide rate has grown by 444%. Undoubtedly, a spectacular fact, with impunity levels that reach 97%.

The consequence is that crimes do not receive the punishment they deserve because the police and judicial system are totally collapsed. All this makes her sadly the "queen" among the most dangerous cities in the world.

Other factors

Caracas, Venezuela - testing

Other factors are the large number of firearms, alcohol and drugs in the streets. This is leading to significant levels of lack of control. In the statistics you can see the large number of shots that a person could receive when killed, up to 11, and that makes clear the high level of violence in which they live.

Caracas and other cities in Latin America do not have the mechanisms due in the institutions when it comes to resolving conflicts. Inefficiency and corruption, as well as high levels of unemployment, job insecurity and the instability in the day to day cause that the law is put in doubt by the own citizens.

In some areas the figure of the justices of the peace proliferates. Although they are interesting solutions and solve problems, when they are not fixed, conflicts of not too much importance are increasing. Thus, they end up in those homicides that scare so much.

Other interesting facts

If instead of cities, we talk about countries, we must observe some aspects:

  • Venezuela: the capital suffers, as we have said, high levels of insecurity, but many other cities also suffer, so if you visit the country, caution is recommended.
  • Guatemala: the capital is a faithful reflection of the situation in the Central American country, where citizen insecurity is a fact.
  • Honduras: another Central American country that has in cities like San Pedro Sula a classic of the most violent cities year after year, and there seems to be no solution.
  • South Africa: Cape Town is not the South African city on the list of Africa. But it suffers conditions outside that are almost a perpetual altercation.
Cape Town - By wolffpower

More countries in danger

  • Jamaica: Kingston is also a city where violence is at ease and where you have to know very well where you are going. There are neighborhoods where it is better not to step on.
  • Haiti: It is the poorest country in America and its capital is no stranger to it. If we add a high level of corruption and a lack of means to poverty, we have the result that it appears on the list. Natural tragedies in recent years have not helped either.
  • Colombia: The country has made great progress in recent years, especially in terms of an economic improvement that has not yet reached the whole country, where the differences are evident.

And next to it, reference must be made to both Mexico and Brazil. And there are several cities in each of these countries that appear in that list of most dangerous cities in the world.

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