We cross the beautiful Costa Dorada

The waters of the Mediterranean give Spain a corner of unique charm, the Costa Dorada. Located in the province of Tarragona, it opens from the north to the Ebro Delta. Along the coast we find villages of beauty and tradition that invite the delight of the senses, the enjoyment and tranquility of a well-deserved vacation. We traverse the Golden Coast and we visit the most interesting villages of this piece of coastline.

The Costa Dorada and its charms

1. Vendrell and San Carlos de la Rápita

These two locations originate from the time of the Reconquest and the repopulation of the lands recovered by the Spanish crown in the 10th century. As a result, part of the territory was transferred to the Church, in this case to the monastery of Sant Cugat. The monks would be responsible for repopulating both areas.

Vendrell - Castellbo / commons.wikimedia.org

As a result, and after the passage of the centuries, two beautiful municipalities of Tarragona have emerged, Vendrell and San Carlos de la Rápita, both with a lot of history. Vendrell was home and birthplace of musician Pau Casals, that even today is very present in the hearts of the locals. So much so, that the artist's house museum is preserved and the auditorium is named after him.

"Music is the divine way of saying beautiful and poetic things to the heart."

-Pau Casals-

From San Carlos de la Rápita we must highlight the Alfaques Bay. This natural enclave is born from the union of the Baña peninsula with the Ebro Delta through the Trabucador isthmus, where we can bathe in a small salt lake.

Ebro Delta - vali.lung

Enjoying the Mediterranean climate and the soft beaches of these two municipalities is a privilege within the reach of anyone. Wonderful beaches, awarded year after year with blue flags.

2. Roda de Bará

Roda de Bará is located in the Catalan region of Tarragonés. In it we will find a Roman triumphal arch from the 13th century B.C. The monument is called Arco de Bará and is part of the archaeological site of Tarraco, an ancient Roman town. Located on the Via Augusta, it becomes a living witness of a splendid civilization.

Bará Arch - Angela Llop / Flickr.com

This magnificent construction opens the way to Playa Larga, an imposing one kilometer long shore bordered by a promenade that deserves to be traveled. At the end of this we will find a small cove hidden in which we can surf. Beauty and rest come together to forge a town of immense appeal.

3. Salou and Vilaseca

Just seven kilometers from the city of Tarragona we can see the capital of the Costa Dorada: Salou. This villa is the main tourist destination in the region, both for its fresh and festive atmosphere and for the liveliness of the surroundings. A little further away we find Vilaseca, which also houses the urban centers of La Pineda and La Plana, bordering Reus.

Salou - sdecoret

Both Salou and Vilaseca have dream beaches and fine sand that will delight sun and sea lovers. The beaches of Levante and the Chaplains are located there, as does Port Aventura, the most visited theme park in Spain and sixth in Europe.

Mediterranean, Polynesia, China and Mexico are the four thematic areas in which the attractions of Port Aventura are divided, water rides, roller coaster type, shuttles, etc. As a climax we can go to several parades in the park avenues.

4. Reus

Reus - FRANCIS RAHER / Flickr.com

It is the birth municipality of the most international Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudí. Account, how could it be otherwise, with a center of interpretation on this relevant character. In it we can find objects that belonged to the architect, as well as a special effects room that houses small representations of his works.

Reus is also an enclave of intense social and commercial activity which has numerous fairs and exhibitions, as well as notable traditional festivals in the region.

If we are lucky enough to be able to approach the surroundings of this beautiful town In June we can enjoy the so-called "thunders", in which dozens of mortars filled with gunpowder and linked together explode. A show of the loudest, but worthy of contemplation.

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