Learn part of the history of Rome at the Roman Forum

It is very difficult to say what are the essential visits to make during a trip to Rome, given the enormous quantity and quality of historical and artistic monuments that the Italian capital treasures. However, we dare to say that there is a must see place and that is the Roman Forum, epicenter of one of the times of maximum splendor of the city.

The Forum, the heart of the Roman Empire

The Forum was neither more nor less than the great nerve center of Ancient Rome, which has come to this day in an archaeological state with better or worse preserved parts, but certainly uninhabitable. Even so, the present ruins are capable of transmitting the idea of ​​a place of opulent appearance, as it corresponded to the most powerful city of Antiquity.

Roman Forum - leoks

To discover the wonders that hide the Roman Forum We recommend you to take a guided tour, which will allow you to know many of its secrets that, otherwise, you would overlook.

Obviously these visits, like the entrance to the forum, are paid. But nevertheless, A good way to save is to get a combined ticket, which includes other magnificent Roman vestiges, such as the Palatine and the impressive Colosseum.

«One of the most necessary and most forgotten extremes in relation to that novel called History, is the fact that it is not finished».

-Gilbert Keith Chesterton-

Points of interest in the Roman Forum

In the Forum of Rome there is a bit of everything, but especially the remains of what were great public institutions. That is to say, there are several temples, there are also memorials, meeting spaces, in addition to keeping the urban traces of what was the great capital of the Empire. Here are some of its most interesting points.

1. Arch of Titus

Tito Arch - Marco Rubino

This is one of the most impressive remains of the whole set. Do not forget that in those days it was very common to raise an arc of triumph when great battles were won or to celebrate designated dates.

In this case it is a triumphal arch in honor of Emperor Titus. While, without leaving the Forum you can also see the arch of Septimius Severus, reminiscent of this other emperor of the third century.

2. The temples of the Roman Forum

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina - Marco Rubino

The visit to the Roman Forum requires tranquility, since there are many things to see. And the truth is that, the longer one is there, the more one gets used to interpreting the archaeological ruins. That is part of the charm of the place, besides it is a very fun mental exercise.

With that attitude is how one can imagine the construction of the many temples that were here. Temples such as those dedicated to Venus, Vesta, Romulus or Saturn. Without forgetting that The best preserved of them all is the temple of Antoninus and Faustina, built in the second century.

3. Julia Curia

Julia Curia - Pierre Jean Durieu

Being the Forum the central space of Rome, there were also its organs of power, including the Curia.This was the place where the Senate met. And also, here is the Basilica of Magencio and Constantine.

It is important to understand in this sense that back then the basilicas had no religious connotations, but were large covered spaces to meet.

4. The Seal Column

Seal Column - Tatsuo Nakamura

This element is the last one built in the Roman Forum. It was around 608 when this 13-meter-high column was erected in honor of the Emperor of Byzantium, heiress in part of the Roman Empire.

Once seen this column, already We can walk along the Via Sacra, which crosses the Forum and was the main street of Rome. A street that today will lead us to the neighboring and monumental Colosseum.

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