The Caldera de Taburiente, the heart of La Palma

The Caldera de Taburiente is located on the beautiful Canary Island of La Palma. A seductive island that offers landscapes full of color and fantastic routes between volcanoes. Precisely the volcanic activity is the origin of the caldera, a spectacular circus of eight kilometers in diameter surrounded by impressive peaks.

The Taburiente boiler, pure beauty

The Caldera de Taburiente, today a national park, is the true heart of La Palma. Its origin is in the most powerful force of nature: volcanic activity followed by landslides and erosion caused by water and the passage of time.

It has taken thousands and thousands of years to shape this fantastic boiler of rugged and rugged landscape, which has almost two thousand meters of unevenness. A landscape of spectacular beauty through which a whole network of streams and torrents runs that continue to perform their erosive work.

Caldera de Taburiente - Michael Thaler

But if there is something that stands out in this boiler are its spectacular peaks, with heights that seem to touch the sky. In fact, this is one of the best places to contemplate it. In Roque de los Muchachos, this is the work of an observatory that has an outstanding set of telescopes.

If you want to have another point of view of the Caldera de Taburiente you can ascend to the Pico de las Nieves, or to the de la Cruz.Nor can you miss the impressive ravines, the best known, the Angustias. In it, as in any other of the caldera, a great variety of vegetal and animal species can be observed, many of them endemic.

Visit to the Caldera de Taburiente park

Inside the Caldera del Taburiente Park the tourist will remain at all times very well informed. This ensures that no one will be lost during the development of the trip on the chosen route. The most important point of information is the El Paso Visitor Center.

Boiler of Taburiente - RossHelen

In the center we will get advice and recommendations of all kinds to plan our itinerary perfectly. There they also have a classroom where the history and geology of the place are informed. This is very important to understand the innate value of this boiler.

«Nature never rushes. Atom by atom, little by little he gets his job. »

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Routes through the caldera

This unique landscape is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. You can make different routes through the boiler, and of different length and difficulty. There are for true experts, but also much more affordable and few kilometers that allow you to see closely all the natural and scenic wealth of this place.

Waterfall of Colors - mezzotint

Routes that lead to spectacular viewpoints like Cumbrecita or Tagasaste. Trails that embroider streams, which run in the shadow of imposing rocks or lead to the feet of beautiful waterfalls.

Of course, you have to go well prepared, with appropriate clothes and shoes, as well as with water and some food, since on the road there will be nowhere to get them. And one recommendation, it is better not to start the route before without having been well informed in the visitor center.

When to visit the Caldera de Taburiente

Boiler of Taburiente - mezzotint

Any time of the year is good to pay a visit to this wonderful place. The visit is possible even in the months when the temperature drops considerably. And it is that sometimes winter offers a unique print, that of snow-covered tops.

In any case, if we prefer to approach here in the spring months the eyes will thank you. During these months it bursts the flowering of each and every one of the varieties that live there. This is the way that the island of La Palma welcomes us.

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