Zuheros in Córdoba, a lovely getaway

With most of the white-painted houses, Zuheros invites us to enjoy a magical rural getaway. Located 76 kilometers from Córdoba, this is one of the most beautiful municipalities in Spain. Do you want to meet him?

Zuheros: Andalusian Historical-Artistic Ensemble

Traditionally, the inhabitants of Zuheros have dedicated themselves to agriculture, olive cultivation and livestock activity. Do not hesitate to try their delicious organic cheeses ... But the beauty of this town and its wonderful location has made it in recent years a coveted destination for rural tourism.

Zuheros - Steve Heap

Its tranquility, its landscapes, the charm of its historic center and the warmth of its people make Zuheros a perfect place to disconnect. It is a small paradise in the heart of Andalusia. What do their streets hide?

1. Castle

Located on top of an imposing cliff, It is believed that the origins of this building date from the period of Muslim domination. Reconquered by Ferdinand III the Saint, in the fifteenth century he underwent a major remodeling that gave him Renaissance airs.

Zuheros Castle - David Salcedo

2. Church of Remedies

It is the local parish dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies since 1659, when it was visited by the bishop of Córdoba, Cristóbal de Rojas and Sandoval. This religious gives the name to the temple for devotion to a stature of the Virgin of Remedies. Carving that already had a brotherhood and was venerated in the dressing room of an old church.

The Cave of the Bats: the great attraction

Its name already indicates who its inhabitants are, but they have nothing to do with the interest and importance of this cave, declared a Natural Monument. In its interior important vestiges of the primitive inhabitants of the region have been found.

Cave of the Bats - Juanjo Ferres / Flickr.com

The first time the cave was explored, in 1938, archaeological excavations were carried out that found remains of a settlement during the Middle Paleolithic and Neolithic. The living habits of these inhabitants, as well as the objects they used and what they ate, could be known thanks to the remains discovered inside.

They were also found from hunting remains of the Neanderthal man to flint sheets, bracelets and pendants. The cave paintings on the cave walls show images of deer and horses and date back more than 18,000 years.

The cave was also occupied during the Roman Empire, since containers from that time were found. It is believed that it was used to take refuge when there were conflicts. Many of the pieces found in the cave are exhibited in the local Archaeological Museum.

Hiking in Zuheros

The surroundings of Zuheros offer spectacular landscapes. If you are one of those people who during their weekend getaways take the opportunity to go hiking, here you can choose two paths within the «Greenway».

1. Bailón River Trail

Arroyo Moreno - Cristóbal Poyato

It has an extension of 11 kilometers, begins at the hermitage of the Sierra and ends at the Plaza de Zuheros. It is of low difficulty and is completed in about 4 hours.

It is a beautiful itinerary within the Natural Park of the Subbetic Mountains, Among the best preserved holm oaks in Andalusia. You will get to know the Nava de Cabra valley, the Bailón river, the Chorreras waterfall, the Baillón river canyon and the Fuenfría fountain.

2. Bailón River Canyon Trail

It is of medium to low difficulty, with an extension of 4 kilometers (which are completed in 2 hours on foot). It begins in the Cave of the Bats and ends in the Plaza de Zuheros.

After climbing a slope we can enjoy the watchtower of the Watchtower and walk among a lush forest of poplars, willows, fig trees and walnuts. The trail continues along the Bailón river and its prehistoric cavities and continues along the canyon of Charco Hondo.

"Go wherever you go, it becomes somehow part of you."

- Anita Desai -

Zuheros is a white town with endless possibilities to enjoy a rural weekend incredible. It has history, monuments, spectacular places and, in addition, good gastronomy. You can not ask for more.