The monumental Old Town Square in Prague

Undoubtedly, The heart of Prague is the Old Town Square, or what is the same: Staromestske Namesti, in the Czech language. That is the place where anyone who is touring in Prague, since it is one of its most monumental places, which is already saying a lot in a city as monumental as the capital of the Czech Republic.

The Old Town Square, the heart of Prague

We have said that today it is the meeting point of thousands of tourists from all over the world who are traveling in Prague any day of the year. Well, before this festive use, the place has fulfilled many other functions since it opened in the Middle Ages. Markets have been held here, but also political and military acts, as well as executions, tournaments and festivals of the most varied.

Old Town Hall

City Hall - Steven Bostock

One of the most characteristic buildings of this square is the Town Hall. The truth is that today, offices, offices and municipal services are not here, and This beautiful construction is only used for protocol events.

And of course, it is a must-see tour, especially as the Prague Information Service is on the ground floor.

The tower and the astronomical clock

Astronomical clock - Paolo Gianti

But the tower where the famous astronomical Clock is also part of the Old Town Hall. A historical and artistic jewel whose operation is all show of ingenuity and also of beauty, when the different figures promptly go out for a walk outside to warn of the passage of time.

Featured facades of the Old Town Square

We say outstanding facades, because in reality we can name each and every one of those that make up this corner of Prague. There are the Renaissance architecture of the house Kriz, or the neo-Renaissance of the house of the furrier Mikes, not to mention the gothic art of the house Del Gallo.

Old Town Square - Vladimir Sazonov

But they don't end here. As well we must mention the House "At the minute" where biblical scenes sculpted in the seventeenth century are discovered. And as if that were not enough, here lived between 1889 and 1896 the family of one of the most universal Prague: Franz Kafka.

There are more Kafka footprints in this square, since in the House of the Storks there is a museum with its name, and in the House of the Golden Unicorn the writer met with his friends.

"The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, an incomparable city, left an indelible impression on my imagination."

- Richard Wagner -

The churches of the square

Tyn Church - Andrew Mayovskyy

There are two temples that integrate seamlessly into this monumental set. In one corner is the old Benedictine abbey of San Mikulas, whose eighteenth-century Italian-inspired architecture puts a clear touch of baroque and rococo forms to the most important square in Prague.

While in the opposite corner stands the temple of Tyn. This is an older building, since its origins date back to the Middle Ages, specifically the Gothic style. Although it has been transformed over time. And one of those later additions were its sixteenth-century towers that rise to 80 meters high.

Jan Hus statue

There would be other mentionable buildings in the square, such as the House of the Red Fox, that of the Poor Devil or the Storch House, including the Rococo palace of Goltz Kisnky, among others. And on each of these places on the four sides of the square you could write an article as long as this. However, now we are going to talk about the center of the square, where the statue of Jan Hus is located.

Statue of Jan Hus - Kiev.Victor

As for the sculptural group itself, we have to say that it is a bronze work from 1900 to 1915, stylistically very influenced by Rodin's art. The most important thing is the emotional value that Prague people have for the character they represent: Jan Hus, one of the pillars of the Protestant Reformation.

And more than that, it is a symbol of Czech nationalism, both the character and the sculpture itself that passed its avatars both during the Nazi occupation and with the Soviets.

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