The fascinating island of Arran in Scotland

Eilean Arainn, known as the island of Arran, is a fascinating place. Its name in Gaelic means "Scotland in miniature", and is that the entire island territory represents the hodgepodge of Scottish landscapes. The northern part reminds of the Highlands, while the south resembles the Lowlands.

Arran It is a corner of exceptional beauty. Condense vast green areas where rain is the protagonist with small villages of rural charm. A trip to Scottish appeal, smudged with history and culture. Menhirs, castles, and coastal towns make up the skeleton of the beautiful Arran, once home to legends and Vikings.

Tour of Arran

Given the dimensions of the island, 32 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide, This land is perfect to travel by car or bicycle. But backpack lovers will also be in luck. Raincoat in hand, the tourist will enter a formidable island.

Isle of Arran - Joe Dunckley

For access you will need to take a ferry that lands at the port of Brodick. Once on land there are coastal villages of incredible charm. The friendliness of its people will flood the visitor's soul with a warmth that will fan the excellent Scotch whiskey.

The ideal for the tourist is to enter the island entirely and get carried away. The experiences will be connected by beaches, caves, mountains, leafy valleys and archaeological remains. All this inhabits this miniature Scotland. With the rain as a traveling companion, the heart of the tourist will be tied to this green earth. Whether backpacking or family travel, who visits Arran will be delighted.

«Only have what you can carry. Know languages, know countries, meet people. May your memory be your travel bag!

- Alexander Solzhenistyn -

Brodick and its medieval castle

Maybe by the arrival of the ferry to its port, the most important town is Brodick. Although it is not the most important municipality, since the largest is Lamlash, it has a very special appeal.

Brodick Castle - David Woods

Brodick has a magnificent medieval castle. Known for appearing on the 20-pound Scottish banknotes, this building is open to the public. Rebuilt in the 19th century, the fortification is of medieval origin.

Former residence of the Dukes of Hamilton, the complex has gardens and paths of incomparable mystery. Going through them is almost entering a romantic legend. The thicket gives the surroundings of the castle a halo of historical mysticism.

An island in the backpack

Arran offers multiple options to explore it. Definitely, each one choose the path and how to travel it, but the recommendation is to do it on foot or by bicycle. The experience will be much more enriching and the path is easy to navigate. Of course, the tourist must wear the hood almost without hesitation, because Scotland is famous for it.

Isle of Arran - Sam Spicer

Lovers of gentle ascent can crown Goat Fell, close to Brodick, with 847 meters. For hiking enthusiasts, the routes through the Garden & Country Park will be very appetizing.

The traveler can also travel to Lochranza, at the north end of the island. There is the Castle of the Black Island, the same that Hergé drew on one of the adventures of dear Tintin. You can also stop at the youngest whiskey distillery in the country, opened 21 years ago by the national actor Ewan McGregor.

Culture and nature

There are almost traditional visits throughout the territory of the island of Arran. One of them is an important settlement of Neolithic menhirs on the west coast of the island. A very fascinating tiny Stonehenge, known as the Machrie Moor circles.

Marchrie Moor - Swen Stroop

East of the island, bordering the Goat Fell, the Glenrosa Valley is located. A natural enclave covered with fog and vegetation ideal for a walk.

Other almost obligatory excursion is approaching the coast to see the seals rest in the almost non-existent sun. For this, the north zone is perfect. The town of Corrie, about 6 kilometers from Brodick, is an ideal choice for this. But without a doubt, the most typical thing if you travel to Arran, is to try the appreciated traditional blue cheese.

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