Burano, an island full of color in the Venice lagoon

No one can deny that Venice is a magical, romantic and special place to go on a honeymoon or with a newly released couple. Once we have traveled this beautiful city in its gondolas we can continue enjoying its surroundings. An excellent option is to go to the beautiful town of Burano, located just 7 kilometers away from Venice.

In vaporetto a Burano

Starting from Venice, we arrive at the island of Burano, in just 20 minutes of traveling by vaporetto. As soon as we arrived we were astonished with their houses painted in all colors, which give it a lovely look.

Burano - Kavalenkava

Already on the town tour, we will see the only church, dedicated to San Martino with its famous and inclined bell tower (recently restored). An inclination that is due to the fact that the foundations on palafitos have given way, as also happens in Venice.

Burano is known for producing handmade thread lace (It even has a museum dedicated to this work) and for being the birthplace of the composer Baldassare Galuppi. In honor of this outstanding personality, the main route of the island and the only square are named after him.

Burano is located in the northern Veneto Lagoon, northeast of Murano (communicated with each other by a channel). The city of colored houses was baptized as we know it, supposedly, by one of the neighborhoods of the Roman city of Altin, called Boreana.

Burano - Nataliya Hora

As with the other islands, it was inhabited for thousands of years by the Átila and the Longobards. The first settlements were placed on cane walls (palafitos) and for a time he received people escaping malaria. Burano was autonomous until 1923, when it was incorporated into Venice (next to Pellestrina and Murano).

«Once you travel, the journey never ends. The mind can never let go of the journey. »

- Pat Conroy -

After Burano, Murano

It seems like a joke but since the walk through Burano does not take more than two or three hours, We recommend that you continue the itinerary through the second largest island of the Venetian lagoon, after Venice That island is Murano, almost as colorful and beautiful as her little sister.

Murano - pavel dudek

Crystal is the main business of the island and during the tour you will be able to know the multiple factories where the glass is blowing and, of course, buy some souvenirs.

To learn more about the history of this industry We recommend the Glass Museum, which exhibits about four thousand pieces made with this material: kaleidoscope beads, mirrors, Phoenician bottles and chalices, among others. Without a doubt, the jewel of the museum is a chandelier that weighs 330 kilos.

Murano also houses one of the oldest churches in the region: the Basilica of Santa Maria and San Donato.

Third visit of the day: Torcello

You can take a whole day to get to know Burano, Murano and Torcello. The latter was the most populous island in the Venetian Republic when the population living on the mainland took refuge there to escape Lombard invasions and hunas. Y it was the one that had the most inhabitants for a thousand years, until a malaria epidemic ended a large part of the residents (and "gave" the honor to Venice).

Torcello - scimmery

The rural landscape of Torcello will make you travel in time. One of the essential places in the visit is the Throne of Attila, located in the town square. According to legend, this marble armchair was used as a throne by the King of the Huns.

The oldest building on the island is the Santa María dell'Assunta basilica, founded in 639 and in which we can see Byzantine mosaics made in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, as well as a portico with arches dating from the ninth century.

Climb the bell tower to get wonderful views of the island and the lagoon, do not miss the museum of the basilica or the church of Santa Fosca, with its pentagonal portico.

Video: Burano is the Most Colorful Island in the Venetian Lagoon (February 2020).