We travel the most beautiful Italian lakes

Italy is full of beautiful places, both natural and made by human hands. It has beautiful and historic towns, romantic villas, valleys, rivers, forests and beautiful lakes, which is where we will focus today. The Italian lakes are so wonderful that they have become interesting destinations to spend a fantastic holiday. If that is the case, we tell you what are the most beautiful lakes in Italy.

The Italian lakes more lovely

1. Lake of Como

Lago di Como is located in the Lake District, between Milan and Switzerland, north of Italy. It is one of the most popular Italian lakes, for being a recognized romantic destination in the region and because George Clooney has a villa in it. It has an unusual shape and is surrounded by imposing mountains, beautiful villas and village complexes along its shore.

Lago di Como - mervas

It is the deepest of the continental lakes and it can be visited at any time of the year because it has a very pleasant temperate climate. It has walking trails and appreciate the surrounding nature. You can go boating and water activities.

2. Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda is between Venice and Milan, northwest of Italy. It is the most visited and largest Italian lake, so it has become a family destination. It has a huge stretch of natural beauty, with its own islands, picturesque villages, medieval castles and a small walk along the lake.

Lago di Garda - Gaspar Janos

On its southern shore, and above the rocky cliffs, It has beaches that are delightful for visitors. Its waters are crystal clear and water activities can be done in them.

As well It has some nearby sites worth knowing as Gardaland, and leisure parks for the enjoyment of the little ones.

3. Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is located in northern Italy, near Milan and Lake Como. It is the longest lake in Italy, with a length of 65 kilometers. It has three beautiful islands: the Isola Bella, with its own palace and beautiful gardens; the Isola Pescatorio and the Isola Madre, both very popular with fishermen and gardening enthusiasts.

Lake Maggiore - Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich

This lake was originated by a glacier, on its south side it has beautiful hills and on its north side imposing mountains. There are many who come to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the nature of the surroundings. Others are attracted by the walk between their three islands.

4. Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano - gevision

Lake Lugano is located in the Lombardy region, but most of it is in Switzerland. It is the only lake in Italy that he has a bridge over him, which connects the towns of Melide and Bisonne. It has a great beauty that has made it a very popular tourist destination in recent years.

"Any landscape is a state of the spirit."

- Henri-Frédéric Amiel -

5. Lago di Bolsena

Lago di Bolsena - canadastock

Lago di Bolsena is one of the largest Italian lakes. It is located in the northern region of Lazio, between Rome and Tuscany. It is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. Its main city, Bolsena, has a medieval center and a fortress on top.

6. Lake Massaciuccoli

Massaciuccoli Lake is located near the Tuscan coast. It is one of the smallest and most peaceful of the Italian lakes.

Massaciucolli Lake - Alessio Catelli

At one extreme, it has a nature reserve. In the other, near the sea, there is the town of Torre del Lago Puccini and the villa on the lake where Puccini lived and wrote many of his operas. The town of Puccini is now a museum, and if you go in summer, you can enjoy the opera festival in the open-air theater that overlooks the lake.

7. Lake Trasimeno

This beautiful lake is located in the center of Italy, in the region of Umbria, near Tuscany. Trasimeno is the largest lake in the country that is not located in the AlpsIt is also quite superficial.

Lake Trasimeno - Leonori

Historically, here was the battle between Hannibal and Rome. This historical fact has given rise to several interesting villages around the lake and the Isola Maggiore.

In addition to visiting the lake, It is recommended to know one of the most beautiful villages in the area, Castiglione del Lago. It has a medieval center and the castle by the lake, it also has beaches around it.

A trip through the most beautiful lakes in Italy will give you incredible experiences. Do not hesitate to plan your next vacation for these natural beauties.

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