The Laguna Verde in Bolivia, an incredible green lake

The world is full of colorful, unique and unique corners. Of all of them, today we have chosen the Laguna Verde, in Bolivia, one of the most supernatural places on the planet thanks to the incredible tone of its waters. Let's meet him.

Although before we want to remember a peculiarity of the area. And is that a few kilometers from the green lagoon we stumbled upon the Laguna Colorada and the Laguna Blanca, which in turn also receive its name due to the unique coloration of its waters.

Why is the Green Lagoon green?

Before going into details, it is necessary to comment on what is due to the peculiar coloration of the Green Lagoon. It receives its name by the tone of its waters. Due to their mineral composition, mainly formed by lead, magnesium, arsenic and calcium carbonate, the color offers frosted tones that seem taken from a science fiction movie.

Green Lagoon - Thomas Lusth

Further, It is precisely because of this unique composition that the beautiful Laguna Verde is deeply toxic. So, when you approach to observe this supernatural wonder, you will see that there are no animal species in the area, especially the Andean flamingo, very common in other nearby lakes, since life cannot develop in its waters.

So that, If you want to see fauna and flora and in this area of ​​Bolivia, you will have to approach the Laguna Colorada or the Laguna Blanca. They are located in the immediate vicinity and are also very beautiful, although they are not as dangerous as this.

How to get to the Laguna Verde

As we said, this unique area of ​​Bolivia is full of spectacular lakes. In this case, the Laguna Verde is located in the Eduardo Abaroa Reserve, in Potosí, very close to the forntera with Chile, in the Andes mountain range, within which other spectacular corners of the country are located.

Green Lagoon - Alberto Loyo

Among the most beautiful areas of this part of Bolivia you can also know the Licancabur volcano. This hill is located at more than 5900 meters above sea level and is one of the highest active volcanoes in the entire Earth. In addition, at its summit we find another peculiar lake, one of the highest in the world.

All this offers polychrome tones of this part of Bolivia capable of leaving anyone absorbed. There is no place on the planet with these sharp natural contrasts plagued with salt water lakes and barren and barren lands.

More about the Green Lagoon

The Laguna Verde consists of just over 5 km² of water that allow visitors to walk along its coast on foot on the same day and take a complete turn, since it is not of an excessive extension, as it happens in other neighboring lakes.

Laguna Verde - nouseforname

Around the place you can ascend to small hills and hills from which you can see spectacular panoramic views of the area. Among the most striking are the Salar de Atacama basin, the Kimal hill, the Atacama desert itself or the Domeyko mountain range. Moreover, on clear days you can see up to the Pacific Ocean.

"The Earth and the sky, forests and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea, are excellent school teachers, and teach some of us more than we can learn from books."

-John Lubbock-

However, Remember that this place is quite inhospitable and with extreme weather conditions. During the day temperatures are very high, almost desert. Phenomenon that calms excessively at night, lowering from zero degrees.

It is normal that too many indigenous people and inhabitants cannot be found in the immediate vicinity of the reserve, neither near the Laguna Verde nor in the vicinity of the other lakes in the area, since It is a very hostile geography with human life.

Laguna Verde - LaiQuocAnh

However, and despite the extreme conditions, there are many brave people who enter the Laguna Verde and the Bolivian Reserve, receiving about 30,000 visitors every year who enjoy these magnificent and almost supernatural prints.

So if you are a lover of adventure and risk, this is undoubtedly one of the best routes you can take in your life. Dare to know the most extreme areas of the Andes in South America and discover the supernatural Laguna Verde in Bolivia, one of the few green water lakes on the planet.

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