Thun, a fairytale town in the Swiss Alps

In the world there are still many towns that have not lost their charm of times gone by, when it seemed that their houses, streets and squares belonged to a place told in a story by the Grimm brothers. That happens in Thun, a fairytale town located in the wonderful Swiss Alps, and we go there.

We have set our sights on Thun and we march quickly to one of the most beautiful villages left in old Europe. A town on the banks of a beautiful lake that has not lost an iota of its incredible charm and that still seems like a time travel for every visitor that arrives to their lands.

Thun's charm

To visit Thun we must go to the Swiss Alps, specifically to the area known as the canton of Bern, within whose limits is the administrative district of the same name that is the most populous city in the place.

Thun - Santi Rodriguez

This charming town in Switzerland is located on the shores of a beautiful lake of the same name as the city itself. Its historic center, true heart of the place, has views of the icy really magnificent Alpine waters, being able to see from its streets the peculiar islet of the Aar.

In fact, Thun's beauty is such that it has become a first-class tourist destination since the railroad appeared on its streets in 1879, which has allowed the city to grow and spread across the territory, showing a corner of true fairy tale.

Thun's Story

But Thun, to become the popular and beautiful fairy tale that it is today, has had to live a long history that goes back more than 4000 years in the past, because the area has been inhabited since time immemorial.

Thun - Alexey Seleznev

The town that gives its name to the city is the Celtic, that already inhabited these lands in 2500 B.C. and named Thun as Dunum, whose meaning in Spanish is «Fortified City», as it was an important and powerful enclave many centuries ago.

"What moves away from sight, will move away from the heart."

-Popular Celtic saying-

Since then, many other villages have passed through the borders of Thun, forming part since 1033 of the Holy Roman Empire held by King Conrad II, receiving city rights in 1264.

What to see in Thun

As you can imagine, a fairytale town in full Swiss Alps like this hides many corners to see and visit during your stay. Beyond the wonderful walks along the lake, we find other beautiful attractions in the city.

Thun - Roman Babakin

A must see in Thun is its old town. The history of the place seems to speak in the ear while walking through the narrow streets that lead to the houses of the old nobles and bourgeois to crown the majestic tower of the castle of the city.

In 1809 a panoramic painting was created in 360 degrees of the town of Thun that receives the name of Panorama Wocher and that it is the oldest copy that is conserved in the whole world in relation to its class.

We have already mentioned the Spiez Castle, a fortification that includes a beautiful early Romanesque chapel and that has been decorated with adjacent gardens to beautify an interior full of baroque furniture. An ideal place for wonderful concerts, its most common use today.

Thun Castle - Pixeljoy

The caves of Saint Batus are another of Thun's privileged places. Crossed by underground rivers, it is an illuminated circuit that receives its name from the saint who lived in them in the sixth century, according to the legend.

If you like skiing, you can't miss the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mónch mountains, near the Niederhorn peak, between the lakes of Brienz and Thun. They are wonderful areas for outdoor sports such as hiking or mountaineering.

Also on the shores of the lake we find the pyramidal mountain known as Niesen, which offers a wonderful panorama of the area. You can enjoy it on a boat trip if you wish, because the landscape is phenomenal.

Oberhofen Tower - Sergey Novikov

We are finishing our visit through the magical areas of the city approaching the Oberhofen castle, surrounded by beautiful gardens on the lake and in which you can see beautiful exhibits that reflect the history of the place.

To end, nothing like A walk in the middle of nature visiting the Justistal Valley, again a wonderful region for hiking and outdoor sports that propose a healthier life in a unique environment around Thun.

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