Topkapi Palace, Turkish beauty in Istanbul

The current city of Istanbul in the past was known as Byzantium or Constantinople, and of all those historical moments there are monumental testimonies in the Turkish capital. However, Topkapi Palace can be considered as one of the great jewels of ancient Constantinople, when from here the vast Ottoman Empire was ruled, which extended over much of the Mediterranean and over lands far away from Turkey.

The royal residence of Topkapi Palace

Like the vast majority of historical monuments in Istanbul, also Topkapi Palace is located on the European side of the city. In it where the great mosques, the Basilica of Santa Sofia or the impressive Grand Bazaar are located.

Topkapi Palace - Faraways

Topkapi Palace was the residence of the Sultan from its inauguration in 1465 until practically the middle of the 19th century. It was precisely in the year 1865, when the sultan of the moment decided to move his residence to another palace, to that of Dolmabahce, of more western airs, but also peeked into the waters of the Bosphorus.

Throughout all the time in which Topkapi remained occupied there were reforms and expansions, until it became the historical complex that can be visited today and that It occupies an area of ​​about 700,000 square meters. They have different courtyards and various buildings, both for the sultan as government rooms or as dependencies for all his servants.

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The visit to Topkapi Palace

The tour of the palace is a must for anyone visiting Istanbul. Of course, calculate at least a long tomorrow to contemplate it calmly, because the truth is that there is much to see. Here we are going to make a selection of the most impressive:

Topkapi's Treasure

Each room of Topkapi Palace can be considered a real gemHowever, when the so-called Treasure is reached then it becomes much more palpable.

Topkapi Palace - Can Erdem Satma

Some of the most valuable objects from around the world are stored here. For example, the Cucharero diamond, of 88 carats, is exposed. The most expensive weapon in the world is also exposed, it is the Imperial Dagger, adorned with gold and emeralds.

As well, of the Treasury that is owned here, only 10% is shown in the different showcases of the three exhibition halls. So you have to get an idea of ​​the richness of the place.


The harem of Topkapi Palace is one of the most anticipated areas for any visitor, given the morbidity and secrecy that have always surrounded these types of spaces. As well, This harem was the residence of the Sultan, his family and several hundred women (There are those who say there were 800), which were specialized and educated to develop different skills, of all kinds.

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It's interesting to discover that space, but you have to know that Increase the price of the ticket, since it is an independent visit. Although it is worthwhile to know what is really and of legend in this type of palatial rooms, where wives, concubines and women of the palace service coexist.

But on top of that too You see spaces as curious as the bathrooms, the courtyards of the eunuchs, the bedrooms, the Golden Cage where the heir to the sultanate and many courtyards resided, such as the one of the Favorites where the harem tour usually ends.

The Topkapi Museum

Topkapi Palace - Waj

Actually, the entire Topkapi Palace is a gigantic museum of art and history. But also, inside the walled enclosure that protects it there is a space that is called precisely Archaeological Museum.

In its rooms you can review practically the entire history of Turkish art, from Antiquity to almost today, since there Classic statues, carved sarcophagi, Ottoman ceramics and many elements of the Muslim religion are preserved.

"If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital."

-Napoleón Bonaparte-

Definitely, visiting Topkapi is essential. Of course, you have to get up early to buy the ticket as soon as possible and make little line.

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