The legendary and magical Isle of Skye

In the northwestern area of ​​the Scottish coasts is the wonderful and mythical island of Skye. It is the largest of the so-called Eastern Hebrides Islands. They belong to the United Kingdom and their only connection to the mainland is a splendid bridge called Skye Bridge. Its green mountain areas and the friendliness of its people, as well as the small paradises it hides, cause thousands of tourists to visit this beautiful place annually.

Natural landscapes of the Isle of Skye

Island of legends, magic and history, Skye It contains charming corners that we will know a little better.

The Fairy Pool, a story come true

One of the most exotic and mysterious waterfalls in Europe is located here What is your name? Fairy Pools, the Pools of the Fairies. Thanks to its name we can already get an idea about the number of fables and myths that have been told about this natural space over the years.

Fairy Pools - orxy

The ancient Celts believed that unknown and mysterious beings used to bathe in their clear and crystalline waters. Many believe that these fantasy characters continue to go to this fountain to swim, relax and have fun at the expense of those unsuspecting people who come to see if the gossip is true.

To reach them it is necessary to enter the thicket and travel beautiful places that really seem out of the leaves of some classic story.

"He who does not believe in magic will never find it."

-Roald Dahl-

The old rock of Old Man on Storr

This long basalt pinnacle is probably one of Skye's best known and most visited attractions. This is largely due to hikers and climbers who have come to conquer it for centuries. His stories have aroused the curiosity of so many people that today excursions are made to contemplate the magnificence of this curious promontory.

Old Man on Storr - Petr Janku

Access to the highest part is allowed and, in fact, a small stone staircase that leads to its highest part has been enabled from the parking area. The road is a bit tired, but it is worth following because of the views you get when you reach the top.

It is convenient to keep in mind that it rains often in Scotland, so that the climb will be quieter and safer if we wear appropriate clothes and shoes.

Northern cities

Portree, the port charm

It is the largest city on the island. To its beautiful port of gloomy and intriguing air comes both the ferry that connects Skye with the mainland and the ship that connects it with the rest of the atolls of the archipelago.Its colorful houses will delight the visitor Upon reaching the coast.

Portree Harbor - Hector Ruiz Villar

We cannot leave without taking a walk around to enjoy the northern part of the bay where the Apothecary Tower is located, an indication tower for ships. Although this population congregates most of the inhabitants of the island is quite small, so it will not take long to travel.

Tourists often use Portree as a starting point for their trip. Moreover, they usually stay there because it houses the best hotels and restaurants.

Medieval fortresses in Skye

Knock Castle, the ruins of ancient conquests

Caistel Chamuises, also known as Knock Castle, was built in the 15th century. Regrettably there are only a few ruins left of that gigantic bastion to help us remember its magnificent past.

Knock castle - Màrtainn MacDhòmhnaill /

However, it cannot stop appearing on our route by car, since People say that His remains are inhabited by a gruagach. Legend has it that it is a ghost related to the family clan of the MacDonalds, former owners of the structure. Those who have spent some night nearby believe they have heard their cries and cries.

On the other hand, the locals also comment that a good spirit lived there many years ago dedicated to grazing and also to the surveillance and care of livestock in the area.

Dunvegan Castle, perfectly preserved

Scotland is a very traditional place when it comes to respect for lineage. That’s why it’s still impressive that Dunvegan Castle, which was built in the 13th century, still continue to be in possession of the descendants of the clan that ordered its construction, the McLeod.

Dunvegan Castle - Nataliya Hora

This large fort It is located in a spectacular location, by the sea. It is preserved in a perfect state thanks to the various remodeling that the different descendants have been practicing in its walls.

It is possible to explore its interior as well as to carry out a lovely boat ride to admire it from the surroundings. To understand the tourist popularity of this building we must know some of the famous people who honored him with his presence, among them Emperor Akihito, Isabel II and Walter Scott stand out.

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