Trento, hidden city in the Alps

The city of Trento is one of those not overly known places in Italy, but once they are discovered they are a great find for travelers. It is a city of medium to small size with its own attractions, but because of its wide range of services it becomes an ideal base camp to move through a majestic natural environment.

Trent, the capital of Trentino-Alto Adige

The city of Trento traces its origins to times before the Romans. That is to say, It has a long history full of interesting episodes. And among all of them the best known is the Council of Trent (1545-1563) They all named us at the school to tell us that the Catholic Church's foundations were laid there.

Trento - MartiniDry

However, as we have said, the story is very long, and many things have happened there. For example, it has not always belonged to Italy, in fact, until the end of World War I this place belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Not in vain, Trento is the capital of the Trentino-Alto Adige region, also known as South Tyrol, given its similarities and proximity to Austrian and also Swiss lands. That is, it is a mountainous territory in which the most Italian traditions and those of its northern neighbors merge, so it is a unique and different Italy.

The landscape around Trento

As we have said, Trento has a wide range of services for travelers. Therefore it is an unbeatable place to stay and also to taste or buy the local cuisine. This converts to Trento in an excellent place to settle down, and from there approach the surroundings, full of places of interest.

Trento - Bartek Lichocki

You have to keep in mind that This area is also known as the "Pale Mountains", for its peculiar landscapes between the Alps and the Dolomites. That is, the landscape appeal is unquestionable, with numerous places to do sports in nature.

Y there are options for both summer and winter, as there are many ski resorts in the region, such as the closest to Monte Bondone, or others as famous as Madona di Campiglio.

"The mountain road, like that of life, is not traveled with the legs but with the heart."

-Andrés Nadal-

The monumental attractions of Trento

However, once established in any of Trento's accommodations, also the city has its own attractions, and it is not necessary to leave its streets every day to find places of interest. In fact, the city has several very interesting and photogenic monuments.

The Duomo square and the Cathedral of San Vigilio

As usual in Italy, the cathedral occupies the Duomo square. And curiously The center of this square is occupied by a fantastic baroque fountain built in the 17th century and dedicated to Neptune, god of the sea. Something that attracts attention in a city like Trento, completely surrounded by mountains.

San Vigilio Cathedral - Alberto Masnovo

In this square, the volumes of Romanesque architecture represented by the cathedral, dedicated in this case to San Vigilio, the patron of the city, stand out. This temple traces its origins to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, although with the passage of time new elements such as its bell tower were added and, above all, its interior was adorned a lot, with various chapels, tombs and interesting fresco paintings.

A walk through the center of Trento

From the Plaza del Duomo you can make an attractive tour taking the Via Belezani. In her and in all this network of streets many of the Renaissance palaces of the city are discovered. Buildings such as the Tabarellio Palace or the magnificent Casa Relia or Casa Cazuffi, are examples of Venetian influence architecture, where it is common for the facades to be full of paintings and color.

Trento - Cardaf

A fantastic walk between art and that has to end up sitting in a restaurant or tavern, eating the most traditional dishes and, above all, drinking a local wine, since in the surroundings of Trento there are many wineries and vineyards.

On top of Trento: Buonconsiglio Castle

Here the princes and bishops who ruled the city resided for centuries, a whole construction originated in the thirteenth century but later transformed.

Trento Castle - Andre Goncalves

Today, it is worth visiting, since It is transformed into an interesting historical museum. In addition, halls, walkways, gardens, courtyards, cells or historic towers are covered, some of great artistic value, such as the Eagle Tower, with frescoes from the early fifteenth century.

And, above all, from the castle there is a wide panorama of the city and its surroundings. In these views, Mount Paganella stands out, more than 2,000 meters high. A reachable top by funicular, which allows you to enjoy a privileged view of the region and the Alpine mountain range.

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