What to do to avoid theft abroad

One of the most common problems for tourists during their trips is that they suffer robberies abroad. Although there are more "dangerous" destinations than others, too our way of unfolding in a place we don't know is vital to avoid situations of this kind. Find out what to do so they don't steal you on a trip. Take note.

What to do to avoid being robbed?

There is no doubt that being robbed is a horrible thing anywhere in the world. But if we are on vacation or traveling abroad things can be more problematic, especially if we run out of passport, money or credit cards.

Is it possible to prevent a robbery? Not 100%, that's true, but in a good percentage If we take into account certain tips for when you are traveling:

Search for information about the destination

Prague - Milosz Aniol

Not only from the country or the city in general, but from neighborhoods or areas that may become more dangerous for tourists or at night. As well It is good that you inform yourself a little about the security of the placeWhere is the nearest police station or the number to call if you have any problems.

Take photocopies of documents

If you know that you are not going to use certain documentation, such as a passport,make a copy and take it with you wherever you go. The original leave it in the hotel room (better if it is in a safe).

Another good idea is to scan the cards, documents and flight and hotel reservations and save them in the email. So in case of any problem you look for the copy there.

Write down the card information

In case of theft, the first thing you should do is contact the bank that has issued it to deactivate it. Keep this information on hand so you can call from any phone, regardless of the time.

Prefer hotels with safe deposit box

Many rooms have this service. While we may not pay attention to the safe, it is very important to ask if they have it. Some hotels, in turn, may offer a box to store valuables at the reception. Anyways,You can leave documentation, cash or credit cards that you don't use.

"The adventure may be crazy, but the adventurer, to carry it out, must be sane."

-Gilbert Keith Chesterton-

Take little cash

It is true that in many destinations the credit card is used more, but certain purchases must be made yes or yes in cash (such as transportation, street food, etc.). Take some money for certain expenses and leave it at the hotel. If you do not like that idea too much, you can place a kind of fanny pack or belt that is worn inside the clothes to put the most important thing.

Put bags and backpacks "in sight"

This includes several aspects. First of all, when you're walking down the street don't make the mistake of leaving your bag or backpack on your back. Then they will take the opportunity to take something out of an outside pocket without you noticing. Better if you always carry it forward.

It is also necessary that when you are eating in a restaurant, waiting for the train at a station or having a picnic in front of a park keep your belongings in sight.

Milan - Photobac

Pay attention to populated and unpopulated areas

Sometimes we consider that in the center of a city we will not suffer a robbery because there are many people. Or we think that in less frequented streets there will be no one to take our bags off. However, don't trust any of these statements. Do not forget that being abroad can be the target of greater thefts than a resident

Do not appear to be a tourist

Travelers are usually related to wealthy people. Although this is not true! If a thief sees someone on the street with a map in his hand, with a photo camera hanging from his neck or with typical tourist clothes, he will know that he is a perfect target to commit his misdeeds (deception, robbery, etc).

Have you had the bad experience of being robbed on a trip?

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