An old fishing village on the Costa Brava: Cadaqués

Cadaqués is an old fishing village on the Costa Brava that maintains the essence of yesteryear. It is located in the region of Ampurdán, but this small town remained isolated until the 19th century from the rest of the territory. The mountain of Puig de Paní made centuries of barrier. Proof that Cadaqués has been apart for much of its history is language.

Tips for choosing good travel insurance

Sometimes, hiring travel insurance is highly recommended, due to possible unforeseen events that may arise. It is a way to fully enjoy the adventure without fear of the cost that any incident may imply. Therefore, below we give you a series of tips that will be useful when hiring you.

We discovered Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is located in the United States, specifically in the state of Wyoming. This place is so large that it extends to neighboring states such as Montana and Idaho. In addition, it is the ideal place for nature lovers because of its impressive landscapes and the large number of wild animals that abound in it.

Thailand in pictures: 10 places to fall in love with the country

We are going to show you Thailand in images that you will not forget. We show you the most beautiful landscapes, the most incredible temples and the most wonderful beaches in a country you will fall in love with without being able to avoid it. You follow us? 1. T ailand in images: Phi Phi, the most popular Ko Phi Phi - EastVillage Images We begin our tour of Thailand in images in one of the places that features the typical postcards of the country.

Sierra de Grazalema, the great wall of Andalusia

The Sierra de Grazalema rises in front of the ocean, as a gigantic wall. Its slopes are shelter of small white villages, while stopping the storms that come from the Atlantic and that make this mountain range the rainiest place in the Iberian Peninsula. The Sierra de Grazalema, a unique place This massif is located between the northeast of the province of Cádiz and the northwest of the province of Malaga, including all or part of 14 municipalities.

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11 beautiful places of the world dyed blue

Sometimes by the hand of man, sometimes by the simple action of nature, we find places that surprise by its color. On this occasion, we will travel the world looking for corners where blue is the main protagonist. If it is your favorite color, be prepared, because this trip you will love.

A travel plan to discover Paris in 3 days

The French capital is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on the planet. But many days are not always available to discover all its charms and you have to organize very well to know the main thing. If you are only going to enjoy a getaway, we tell you what you can see in Paris in 3 days.

Do you like unicorns? Visit Unicorn Cafe

In Bangkok, Thailand, there is an amazing themed restaurant for unicorn lovers. Unicorn Cafe is a space decorated in pastel colors that creates a dreamlike atmosphere, like a fairy tale. Are you interested in meeting him? Come with us to visit this place of authentic fantasy. Unicorn Cafe is an establishment located in the Thai capital that attracts many visitors.

7 things and more to do and see in Reinosa

Reinosa, located in the territory of Cantabria, is a beautiful city of ancient history. Gateway to the Cantabrian community from Castile, it has been a place of obligatory passage for centuries. A city surrounded by mountains and rivers such as Ebro, Híjar or Izarilla. Do you want to pay a visit? We tell you everything you have to do!

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and ostentation

Dubai is one of the most famous cities and capital of one of the seven Arab Emirates, located in the Persian Gulf. That is, we talk about one of the richest areas of the entire planet. There, oil and gas farms have completely transformed the old fishing villages on the shores of the Arabian desert, which today are metropolis loaded with modernity, where luxury and ostentation is the norm.

A route through New England: the jewel of the United States

Welcome to a destination you love. This route through New England takes you to one of the jewels of the United States and one of the places in the world that you never tire of returning. Nature, history, culture, fantastic cuisine, the friendliness of its people and the charm of its small villas make this part of the country a true paradise.

The best low cost airlines in the world

Low cost airlines have become a real boom worldwide. It is not for less. Some of them are fabulous, not only because of their price, but because they offer services of remarkable quality. They make the cost / benefit equation fully compensated. In reality, these low cost airlines are an excellent alternative to fly around the world.

The magic of Seville in its best images

That Seville is wonderful, everyone knows it. But now, in addition, the well-known travel guide Lonely Planet has recognized it as the best city to visit in 2018. What's so special? Judge it yourself. We have made a small selection of images to show only part of the magic of Seville.

Castelsardo, a beautiful medieval town in Italy

Located Sardinia, in the province of Sassari, Castelsardo is one of the most beautiful medieval villages of this Italian island. It rises in the Gulf of Asinara and, when the sky is clear, from it you can see the mountains of the neighboring island of Corsica. An idyllic landscape that we want to show you. Nature, crafts, traditions and its characteristic port make Castelsardo one of the most striking tourist destinations in Sardinia.

Culture in the city of Indianapolis, much more than a motor

The city of Indianapolis may not be the first destination that comes to mind when we think of a trip to the United States. And yet, the capital of the state of Indiana can be a real surprise for all those tourists who travel without preconceived ideas and open to enjoy what awaits them in each destination.

Curiosities of the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur

They are one of the main tourist attractions of Kuala Lumpur. For years they were the tallest towers in the world, but there are many more curiosities of the Petronas Towers, and we want to tell you about them. Can you come with us? The towers are designed by the Argentine architect César Pelli and were completed in 1998. With a structure of concrete, steel, aluminum and glass, they have 88 floors and are joined by an elevated passage.

A route through wonderful villages in Croatia

We travel to a country of infinite beauty that in the last decades has become one of the great European destinations. We want to take you to 6 wonderful villages in Croatia. A small sample of what this country hides. Wonderful villages of Croatia Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice lakes ... are some of Croatia's treasures.